Sussex Health Care Jobs

Sussex Health Care is an organization that deals with the provision of care to the elderly and people suffering from disabilities. The group has been in existence for more than 25 years. During this period, it has provided services to many people in the United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care aims to expand their facilities to incorporate more people in their care centers.

In 2017, the group announced the appointment of Amanda Morgan as their new CEO. She was expected to link up with the Sussex Health Care team in January 2018. She had however met with most Sussex Health Care staff before the announcement of her appointment. During her orientation visit around the facilities, Amanda took her time to learn about the services that Sussex Health Care offered to their large client base. Amanda is projected to bring positive changes in the running of the organization. During her short spell at the helm of the group, she has helped in appointing the group’s new Director of Quality. She is expected to spearhead further appointments with the aim of making Sussex Health Care a market leader in the provision of care services.

Amanda Morgan is considered as an invaluable gem to Sussex Health Care. This is because she brings to the institution massive experience in health and management. She has worked for over thirty years in government institutions. She began her career as a nurse but later shifted to management where she has made a name due to her effective leadership skills.

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Currently, Sussex Health Care is announcing several job vacancies. The new jobs are expected to greatly improve their service delivery. Some of the jobs on offer include the following:

1. Health Care Assistant.

Stressful candidates will be tasked with proving personal care to the elderly and those who have disabilities. The will be required to provide high-quality service to the clients while adhering to their needs and demands. Sussex Health Care will closely monitor this to ensure that their morals are upheld at all times in service delivery. The group insists that experience in such an area will not matter a lot in their selection. They will instead look at the personal qualities that are compliant with their work.

2. Senior Recovery Worker.

This role is for those who have a bit of experience in helping mentally impaired people to recover. This job is available on Sussex Oakleaf. The successful candidate will be expected to spearhead the recovery process and supervise those who will be directly dealing with the patients. The Community Services Manager in management will aid the senior recovery worker.


End Citizens United Intends To Bring Democracy Back To The Citizens Of The United States

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 – five years after the controversial Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. The decision made it possible for corporations to buy elections by enabling them to spend near unlimited amounts of money on political candidates. Tiffany Muller, President and Executive Director of End Citizens United, is working alongside others in the political action committee to reverse the decision.

If they can’t reverse the decision, removing prominent Republicans from office may do the job. Big Money 20 is a list of Republican incumbents who earned their seat with donations from rich corporations. This list by End Citizens United is ever changing; several incumbents on the list have already been unseated. The Big Money 20 list includes Ted Cruz;Texas, Paul Ryan;Wisconsin, Duncan Hunter;California, and other Big Money Republicans.

The PAC doesn’t only oppose politicians; there are also certain politicians that they support. End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke, Conor Lamb, and most recently Kirsten Gillibrand. End Citizens United only supports candidates that do not accept large amounts of money from corporations.

By replacing incumbent Republicans with Democrats, the PAC intends to give the power of democracy back to the common citizen.

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The People Behind End Citizens United

Tiffany Muller is the current Executive Director and President of End Citizens United. She graduated from the University of Maryland and immediately entered the world of politics. In her home-state of Kansas, she was elected to the Topeka City Council. After her stint in local politics she worked closes with a couple of congressmen where she organized their day to day activities and meetings as their chief of staff.

Matt Burgess serves End Citizens United as their Executive Vice President. With 15 years experience in politics and progressive organizations, he has all the knowledge necessary to help End Citizens United to accomplish their goals. Burgess has worked as a campaign manager and political strategist.

Madison Street Capital 2017 Winner of Coveted M&A Advisors Award

Madison Street Capital is the 16th M&A Advisors Award winner. They were announced the winners during the M&A gala at New York’s Metropolitan Club. The award for debt financing deal of the year was due to their advice on the WLR Automotive transaction.



They beat over six hundred and fifty other firms that had hoped to get the award. In addition, they made it to the final for two other awards, boutique investment of the year and finance deal of the year.



In his acceptance speech at the award gala, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, congratulated WLR and Barry Peter, the company’s senior MD for his role in leading the transaction.



On his part, the M&A Advisor president and co- CEO affirmed that the award is in recognition of leading companies in mergers and acquisition transactions. It is the highest honor given to any M&A firm.



Madison Street Capital is a global Investment banking firm with thirteen years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions, advisory services in finance, services in business valuation, corporate tax planning services, venture capital and private equity.



It is a privately owned company based in Chicago, Illinois. It also operates in North America, Africa, and Asia. Recently, it has transacted with Chicago Yacht Works on a $1.4million deal.



They also represented HeartSync.Inc when the company wanted to secure financing for its growth plan from Decathlon Capital Partners. They also negotiated for growth equity from Druid Capital Partners on behalf of Sterling Packaging.



The company has employed about two hundred staff. The employees uphold high standards of professionalism and integrity. They have diverse qualifications, and they focus more on middle-level firms in different sectors of the economy.



They serve firms and institutions in the USA and all over the world. Some of the senior staff members of Madison Street Capital include Joseph Alioto, the MD and International Advisory Group leader and senior MD Karl D’Cunha.



The award gala was for the first time held together with the 2017 summit for M&A Advisors. More than five hundred firms were represented at the summit. The over thirty-five summit leaders included media personalities, industry players, academicians and M&A experts.



M&A Advisors has been in existence for twenty years. It has its offices in New York and London. It gives intelligence and insightful advice on mergers and acquisitions. It is respected as a professional body for service providers in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and organizational restructuring.


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Jeremy Goldstein Reveals How Companies Can Still Offer Stock Options By Implementing The Right Strategy

There was a time when companies would offer their employees stock options as part of their compensation. However, due to several factors, companies stopped offering this option. For one, it turned out to be an accounting nightmare. Also, employees realized that if the market took a downward swing, their stocks would be worthless. Lastly, if the stock did make a dramatic drop, employees would be unable to exercise their stock option.


According to Jeremy Goldstein, there are advantages to this method of compensation. The first advantage is that stock options will result in a smaller tax burden for the company as opposed to other methods. Another advantage is it may cause employees to be more productive because they only make money when the company is doing well.


However, it is possible for companies to offer options. Jeremy Goldstein recommends that companies use what is called the knockout option. They have the same advantages and vesting rules as the other options, but the difference being that employees lose the options when the stocks drop under a predetermined value. This is a win for everyone. The employees are motivated to work hard, and employers are able to give their employees stocks in a manageable way.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in is own law firm, Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC. His firm specializes in corporate law. Goldstein was involved in many corporate transactions for large corporations that include Goodrich, AT&T, Bank of America and many more.


Goldstein also is sought out lecturer on the topic of governance and executive issues. He has also published several papers on the subject. Goldstein spends his free time doing charity work for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation and the Fountain House.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

There are numerous people in Brazil who are excited about the overall direction of the economy. Over the past few years, economic growth has been high and investment activity is starting to increase. One of the most important aspects of facilitating economic growth is banking. At one time, the banking industry in Brazil was simply not meeting the needs of customers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the CEO of one of the most prominent banks in Brazil. Although he recently announced his resignation, he still made a positive impact on the company. When he took over at Bradesco, the company had high levels of debt and no vision for the future.

Early Career for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Becoming CEO of a massive corporation is not easy for anyone. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had to work hard throughout his career to get where he is today. He took on a lot of tough jobs, but he was eventually able to obtain the experience needed.

He grew up in an area where the closest bank was miles away. His parents were poor farmers, and they could not provide what they needed to for him. He decided that he wanted to attend college in University of Sao Paolo, and he worked multiple jobs in order to achieve that dream. There are a lot of people who love reading his life story. He is the type of person who will always encourage you to work harder in your life.

Before taking over at Bradesco, he had to think about the job offer. There were many people leaving Bradesco due to the bad work culture. Not only that, but the company was declining in terms of both sales and profits. He finally decided that it was an opportunity that he could not pass up.

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Changing the Culture

One of the great things about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is that he changed the culture at Bradesco. One of the first changes he made was to increase the compensation of workers. He felt like the pay was too low relative to the rest of the industry. This is one of the reasons why turnover was so high at the time.

After this change, the attitude of many workers improved. He also made investments in the company to make workers more productive. Not only did this increase their job satisfaction, but it also helped workers make a positive impact in the lives of their customers.


Another major issue facing Bradesco was high levels of debt. Many banking companies have debt on the balance sheet. However, relative to the amount of income coming in, Bradesco had way too much debt. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked on a payment plan to reduce the amount owed over a period of several years. The company is now in a much better financial position because of this decision.

Future Plans

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a lot of great plans for his future. Although he will miss working at Bradesco, he is excited about investing in other areas of his life. He made a lot of mistakes during his time as CEO, but he was able to improve the company through hard work and innovation. He will be missed by many people who work there.

The bank is currently searching for the next CEO internally.

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Talk Fusion Releases Two Successful Recruiting Websites

Talk Fusion, a video marketing company, released two new recruiting websites last week. and will help Talk Fusion associates promote video products and business opportunities for individuals and businesses in more than 140 countries. The company’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, demonstrated on Facebook the features, concepts, and benefits of the new recruiting websites. Reina is a 25 year veteran of the direct selling industry. He made a statement saying that Talk Fusion is the most incisive marketing site in the industry. The new site offers a number of steps to explain the company’s process. The site encourages individuals to watch the 1 minute video that describes the company’s different products that are available. Following the first video, they may watch a five minute video that is conducted by Bob Reina and focuses mainly on lifestyle. If one needs more information before they continue, they are encouraged to take the third step and visit the site where they may attend the next live Opportunity Presentation. One may also read the success stories from Talk Fusion’s top leaders. The fourth step includes the site where they may sign up. Learn more:


Talk Fusion dedicates their services to helping businesses to stand out from their competitors. The company was established in 2007 by Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion assists businesses to increases their sales and profits in hopes to have their customers return. Talk Fusion offers ways to keep business memorable and attractive.


Talk Fusion products are available in over 140 countries. 30 day free trials are available to any businesses who may be interested in Talk Fusion products. Aside from their innovative products, the company is committed to giving back to communities, families, friends, and animal charities all around the world.

Dick and Betsy DeVos Participate in Charitable Activities to Improve Community

Dick and Betsy DeVos have been regarded as among the biggest philanthropists in the United States. When it comes to their philanthropic endeavors, education is one of the leading causes they contribute to on a regular basis. Betsy DeVos has talked about her views on education and what direction it should head into. She has stated that offering private charter schools often provides a better quality education for students. Betsy has also revealed that she believes that private charter schools are a better educational option because they allow parents to send their kids to the schools they want to attend. As a way to make charter schools widely available to the public, Betsy says that the government should provide vouchers to parents who want to send their kids to these private charter schools. With more access to private schools, children will be in better position to get a better quality education throughout their lives.


Similar to his wife Betsy, Dick DeVos often provides funding for a number of educational programs. Each year, Dick funds a scholarship program that enables students to attend business school. With his funding, a number of individuals have had the opportunity to complete master’s degree programs in business administration. As a result, these students were in position to advance their careers into top level management positions. Since business school can be quite expensive, Dick’s scholarship program has proven to make attending business school more affordable for those who are really waning to complete this particular educational program.


Dick also provides charitable donations to arts organizations. Every year, Dick provides funds to arts centers that hold events and exhibitions. One of the things he donates his money to is professional development. He uses his money to finance programs that will teach the managers and directors on how to run their organizations more efficiently. His funds are also used to help the organizations raise money for more programs and events that will provide a better overall experience for those who attend. Along with providing funds for professional development, DeVos also helps finance events where artists can showcase their work and receive incentives.


Since Dick is a former businessman, he donates a lot of his money to business development. He uses money to help startup companies get the capital they need in order to launch their business. Dick also uses funds to help existing companies expand. On a regular basis, he provides funds for companies to acquire property, inventory and equipment that will allow them to operate more easily. With his contributions, Dick has helped a number of companies get the capital they need in order to become more profitable as well as stimulate the overall economy.


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Securus Technologies contributed significant revenues to prisons in 2016

Although there has long been a contentious debate regarding the role that private enterprises should play in the nation’s prison system, the fact is that companies operating within the nation’s prisons often provide services that the government simply cannot do or has proven inept at. One example is the inmate communication space, where a few providers have dominated the market over the last 20 years.


One of these providers is Securus Technologies, with a market share of approximately 20 percent of all phone calls made in the United States annually. Securus has risen from a tiny company into one of the largest inmate communications providers in the country. And it has done it through providing quality services and products to both guards and inmates alike.


Although some inmates, family members and prisoner rights activists complain of the high rates inmates pay throughout certain jurisdictions in the United States, the truth is that Securus has been able to keep rates in the prison operates two phenomenally low levels. Throughout the state of Louisiana, for example, Securus has been able to keep the rates for outgoing prison phone calls down to just $0.15 per minute, a rate at which almost any inmate can afford to remain in frequent contact with their loved ones on the outside.


They have been able to do this despite the fact that Securus contributes and average of 70 percent of all revenues throughout the state to the prisons in which it operates, significantly padding the always-lean budgets of the institutions that have hired it to provide their phone services. More often than not, these funds represent crucial revenues to the prison, without which the prison would not be able to remain adequately staffed or supply enough beds for the inmates that it needs to house.


Paul Mampilly’s Successful Career In The Investment World

Paul Mampilly is a research and investment specialist with over 20 years work experience on Wall Street. He worked with clients like Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International. Mampilly kicked-off his career on Wall Street close to 30 years ago at Bankers Trust, serving as assistance portfolio manager. Paul’s potential earned him a position at Deutsche Bank and later at ING. He served as an analyst for the two firms. Later, he became the money manager for Swiss Bank, Bank of Scotland and Sears.

In 2006, Paul Mampilly was hired by Kinetics Asset Management to manage its hedge fund. During Paul’s tenure, the company’s assets increased rapidly to $25 billion, and it was recognized by Barron’s for averaging annual returns of 26 percent. Paul Mampilly was given the chance to participate in an investment competition organized by the Templeton Foundation. With an initial investment of $50 million, Paul was able to grow that investment to $88 million in one year. He achieved this during the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

After enjoying a successful career as an investor on Wall Street, Mampilly was tired of assisting ultra rich to earn more money, and he decided to retire. However, he did not quit the industry entirely, but he decided to help common individuals earn more money from their investments. To achieve this great idea Paul decided to create Profits Unlimited, a popular newsletter providing guidance to regular Americans on ways of investing their money. His plans was to help individuals understand the world of investment so that they get clear impression where to invest and earn better returns.

Paul Mampilly believes working on Wall Street is full of pressure because of the complexity of transactions worth billions of dollars. He explained that making the right decision makes one a hero, but mistakes reduces one to zero. Although he quit Wall Street, he is still committed to provide investment advice to common individuals. Currently, Profits Unlimited has a membership subscription of 60,000, making it the fastest growing newsletter in the industry. Paul also founded Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. All his newsletters are published by Banyan Hill.

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