Edwin Miranda Shares Trends That Companies Should Follow To Remain Relevant For The Next Year

The advancements of email marketing and virtual reality were pretty present in 2018. Consumers are expecting to see additional things in their messaging now that it’s easier than ever to advertisement to target markets across any platform. Big brands have no choice, but to adapt to the new way of doing things.

Edwin Miranda says the technological wave that everyone is on these days is not a fad. These new methods are what is needed for survival and growth. According to Edwin Miranda, companies should adapt to the following trends in order to avoid extinction and stay relevant:

1.Recognize the importance of reaching consumers quickly

Companies can miss out on opportunities if they can’t prove value to a consumer in seconds. There are tons of options to choose from, and consumers don’t have time. They just want to see the item they want and make a purchase.

2.Start Using Programmatic Advertising

The majority of global advertising on digital display is expected to be acquired by programmatic advertising in 2019. Edwin Miranda says companies who don’t start using programmatic could potentially have less effective advertisements than their competitors.

3.Get On Board With Influencer Marketing To Boost Authenticity

The relationship between brands and consumers is pretty low these days. Consumers are now looking for real information, and they prefer to receive it from a user or influencer. User reviews are considered three times more authentic than brands. This new trend has brands looking to influencer marketing to get more consumers to trust their products.

4.Utilize AI for consumer preference analysis and offer better customer service

AI is being used more and more for chatbots. Edwin Miranda says chatbots are becoming more and more common as a first contact on sites for customer service. Analysts are estimating that about 80% of companies are planning to start using chatbots to improve communication with customers over the next five years. Customers seemingly prefer to deal with the chatbots.

Jason Hope’s Advice to Younger Self

Every young business person needs a role model to look up to on their journey. It is the inspiring story of their humble beginning, struggle, persistence, hard work that makes the whole journey easy. Jason Hope has taken this role to help young people especially students. This has been through constant motivation and living by example.

Jason Hope is a business person, philanthropist, and supporter of IoT who resides in Arizona. He studied finance and business at the university. Hope never hesitated to showcase his love for technology after school by starting his communication company.

Jason Hope has been supporting upcoming business people with capital to start their business. He is also a consultant, and can, therefore, be very helpful in business issues. His other focus is his love IoT. Hope is passionate about the change and the problems the internet has solved. He says that improving technology will help individuals as well as businesses. He has written a whole eBook to explain the impact of IoT, both negative and positive.

Jason Hope says that exercising can improve the physical life of a body. Through his constant exercising, he has proved his statement right. Hope says that exercising is the first thing he does when he wakes up. He adds that he has formed a habit of checking his emails and social media handles after turning on his computer. Since most of his work is based on his computer, he takes periodic breaks to compose himself.

Many people have beautiful ideas that could change how the world operates. However, most entrepreneurs do not know how to bring ideas to life. Hope says that he likes to keep things basic. He says that over-complicating issues encourages failure. He focuses on one small step at a time until the end of the process. Hope also shares his experiences with close people for additional ideas.

On that note, his advice to his younger self is to relax. Hope says that when he was of tender age he obsessed over small details, and it made all the projects hard. Things got better when he learned to focus on the big picture; the end goal. He now knows better than focusing on meaningless details.

Alex Hern Looks Forward To New Technology

The Direction Of The Industry

Alex Hern has decades of experience in the tech industry as an entrepreneur. He understands how to recognize innovation and develop startups around that new idea. He is currently focusing on the development of virtual reality technology. His startup company Tsunami VR delivers business solutions for companies in need of communication technology. Alex Hern is trying to build a company with this innovation, and he understands how to start a new trend. He believes this is going to deliver an immersive way for business professionals to communicate.

The Rise Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a growing technology as consumers continue to buy VR products. Software developers are looking into the potential VR might bring, and Alex Hern has new ideas about what this immersive medium can provide. Most tech startups look at virtual reality as a form of entertainment, but he believes there is something useful about VR. He wants to use the medium to create a way to communicate with the people around us. The tech industry seems to like the ideas behind his new project. He’s trying to explore a new direction for virtual reality applications.

Alex Hern Has Plans For His Company

Alex Hern’s company seems to have a good start, and the future looks good for the company. Investors like the potential Tsunami VR is showing, and other entrepreneurs are paying attention to the company. Virtual reality technology is going to change the way people communicate with each other. The ability to immerse yourself inside a virtual environment and talk to someone is a paradigm shift. Alex Hern wants to show people the potential for new technology. He wants to make Tsunami VR an example of how someone can tap into that potential for themselves.

Alex Hern Discusses The Future Of Tech Industry

The Direction Of Innovation

Alex Hern wants to change the way we think about technology. Hern’s new startup Tsunami VR is going to bring innovation into the tech industry, and he wants to leave an impact on our beliefs surrounding virtual reality. VR is giving software developers a chance to bring new ideas to the table. As the technology advances, we’re going to see immersive VR applications in the market. Our communication media will focus on interactions in a virtual world with a strong sense of nonverbal communication.

Tsunami VR Brings Innovation

Tsunami VR is Alex Hern’s new startup company, and he wants to make this company into a successful development firm. He has the experience and talent to create innovation. His ambition is going to change the way business professionals communicate. Conventional business conferences require everyone to talk in the same room. Conference rooms aren’t necessary with virtual reality applications. You can talk to someone thousands of miles away from you, and the conversation can have the same meaning it has in person. Business communication software is going to serve as a catalyst for industry growth from this point.

His Plans Going Forward

The tech industry is giving us innovations every day, but some startups are going to rise to the top. Alex Hern believes his new company has the power to cause a paradigm shift. Virtual reality is going to grow in popularity over time. Tsunami VR is going to play an important role in that rising popularity.

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Tsunami XR To Improve Interface, Thanks To Alex Hern

The new interactive technology, known as Virtual Reality, VR, has been rocking the markets nowadays. It has created a huge buzz around the tech and gaming related people all over the world. This used to be just another way of watching videos, movies, and TV shows. But now this technology has become a multibillion-dollar market.

This technology has given new advancements in entertainment industry. The Virtual and Augmented Reality market was at only over $6 billion a couple of years ago. This figure is not small, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. It had massive growth potential. As of today, the experts are predicting that its market will touch over $200 billion in just four years.

The world of augmented and virtual reality is advancing at an extremely fast pace. Fortune 100 firms are using such virtual reality technology in there marketing strategies. Startup ventures are developing to make new service solutions and offerings. The technology is also being used for many other practical applications. These applications include helping counselors support their clients through different techniques.

The Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR named Alex Hern is at the forefront of all user interface advancements. Mr. Hern has been working as a businessman for over 20 years now. He has had a history with working in incubation and other tech-related advancements.

Alex Hern has worked with Goldman Sachs-led INKT. This firm was the search technology for big-name companies such as AOL, MSN, and Yahoo as well. He was one of the founders of the Military Commercial Technologies as well. Mr. Hern served as the Director of this company.

The cybersecurity firm was public and then bought by Hewlett-Packard for over $1 billion. His skill, knowledge and all of his work experience make him a superior figure in the content creation world.

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Talk Fusion Releases Two Successful Recruiting Websites

Talk Fusion, a video marketing company, released two new recruiting websites last week. JoinTalkFusion.com and TalkFusionInstantPay.com will help Talk Fusion associates promote video products and business opportunities for individuals and businesses in more than 140 countries. The company’s Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, demonstrated on Facebook the features, concepts, and benefits of the new recruiting websites. Reina is a 25 year veteran of the direct selling industry. He made a statement saying that Talk Fusion is the most incisive marketing site in the industry. The new JoinTalkFusion.com site offers a number of steps to explain the company’s process. The site encourages individuals to watch the 1 minute video that describes the company’s different products that are available. Following the first video, they may watch a five minute video that is conducted by Bob Reina and focuses mainly on lifestyle. If one needs more information before they continue, they are encouraged to take the third step and visit the TalkFusionInstantPay.com site where they may attend the next live Opportunity Presentation. One may also read the success stories from Talk Fusion’s top leaders. The fourth step includes the JoinTalkFusion.com site where they may sign up. Learn more: https://www.engadget.com/2016/12/02/does-the-talk-fusion-app-live-up-to-the-hype/


Talk Fusion dedicates their services to helping businesses to stand out from their competitors. The company was established in 2007 by Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. Talk Fusion assists businesses to increases their sales and profits in hopes to have their customers return. Talk Fusion offers ways to keep business memorable and attractive.


Talk Fusion products are available in over 140 countries. 30 day free trials are available to any businesses who may be interested in Talk Fusion products. Aside from their innovative products, the company is committed to giving back to communities, families, friends, and animal charities all around the world.