Adam Milstein supports philanthropic causes

Adam Milstein is one of the most vocal American Israeli supporting pro-Israel initiatives as of today. He has for a long time been supporting pro Jewish nonprofit causes with the aim of boosting the welfare of the Jewish community. He is the co-founder of the Israeli American Council which is based in Los Angeles and has offices in 12 states across the United States. This organization was established in 2007 and serves the interests of the Jewish community living in the United States. The main aim of this organization is to facilitate better relationships between Americans and Israelis in all parts of the world. Under the leadership of Adam Milstein, this organization has grown rapidly and has become one of the fastest growing pro-Israel organizations in the world. Currently, it boasts of a membership of over half a million people.

Apart from that, Adam Milstein has also set up a family foundation known as Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which is also aimed at boosting the welfare of the Jews. This organization is also aimed at strengthening the welfare of Israeli Americans and by teaching them their roots and encouraging them to identify with the Jewish identity. In the organization has been working closely with the young generation which they consider the future of the Jewish generations. Gila Milstein, the wife of Adam Milstein, is using this organization to help Israeli Americans cancer patients.

Adam and Gila Milstein are known for being philanthropic and willing to help pro-Israel and pro Jewish non-profit causes since they believe this is the only way that the Jewish community will manage to keep their enemies at bay. The offer material and social resources which they believe will encourage the young generation of the jews to relate with the true identity. They also spend a lot of time following up on the causes that they support. They do not believe in supporting just for the sake of giving out money. They expect the causes they support to achieve the set objectives. Every year at the Milstein is giving out over one million dollars to various pro-Israel reorganizations. So far he has helped over 100 pro-Jews organizations.

Stream Energy

When you hear of the horrific devastation currently being experienced by the residents of California and the natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey in Texas in summer 2017, it is hard to fathom the costs of the damage that these cities and states have endured. The emotional toll on the families who have lost loved ones, pets, personal belongings has been almost inconsolable. Business owners have seen their life’s work and savings destroyed in one fell swoop. Between the destructive fires and massive, devastating storms that occur frequently and relentlessly, communities and families are left penniless, destitute, and many without hope of recovery. Stream Energy, a direct-sales utility corporation in Dallas, TX, shows the residents of Houston, Dallas and across the nation that they are not alone, they have help. Stream Energy has a philanthropic heart at its center called, “Stream Cares.” The company and its amazing team of generous agents and employees went out into the field to help those who were left homeless and hopeless after Hurricane Harvey.

After a major disaster, it is difficult to locate those who were most affected. Street signs are torn down; roadways are destroyed, houses and cars are often relocated. These devastations don’t often provide the opportunity for families to grab their identification and banking information. Many storm victims barely have shoes on their feet or clothes on their backs. In these cases, they are often in shock and disbelief, making it difficult to identify them or their family members in the waning hours after a devastating disaster. Stream Energy is out in the field in a central location, handing out supplies like water, hygiene products, and other donations to residents. Many of the victims of Hurricane Harvey were Stream Energy customers, and they were able to see the company that provides their utilities, provide a helping hand when they needed it most. Writing checks helps, even though they can seem impersonal, but when you can look someone in the eye as they reach out a hand to help, that is hope that money can’t buy.

Betsy DeVos- The Tale Of Her Multiple Sides

There are many sides to the great Betsy DeVos. She lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Dick DeVos. They are both heirs to their family’s fortunes and spend most of it on their passions which include educational reform and politics. The people who know her are having trouble with reconciling the Betsy they used to know compared to the one that now works for the president as the Secretary of Education.


Her Former Self


The Betsy that most people used to know was pragmatic and very generous. The current Betsy is one that many people would describe as insulated and unprepared, especially during interviews as the Secretary of Education. These descriptions of her have been coming up recently after interviews completed by people that did not know who she was beforehand. Anyone that knows of her former self knows she is very pragmatic and a political fighter.


Born Into Wealthy Family


Most people are not always lucky to be born into a wealthy family. However, Betsy was fortunate enough to be born into a conservative and wealthy family back in 1958. She was raised in Michigan and her family attended a Christian Reformed Church every Sunday. After graduating high school, Betsy began attending school at Calvin College in the nearby town of Grand Rapids. Soon after, she married Dick DeVos and began a family. Dick was also born into a wealthy family and worked his way up through his family’s company. After working hard for many years, he earned the title of CEO of Amway.


Polite In Public


Anyone who knows anything about Betsy is well aware of the fact that she can be very polite in public unless she is arguing her opinions about politics. For many years now, she has been a leader in advocating charter schools and the use of school voucher programs. In her hometown, she has a solid reputation of being relentless when it comes to fighting for her political views. She has no issues with using her family’s fortune to punish her foes and reward her allies. She will work hard behind closed doors to unseat lawmakers and pass legislation that she believes in.


Many opponents of hers like to point out that both she and her husband had the privilege of private educations. They state the fact that she has a lack of connection to public school systems and the fact that most average families have trouble paying for their children’s educations.


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Shafik Sachedina is A Businessman Who is Well Known And Highly Regarded for His Commitment to Both Healthcare and His Community:

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a major force in the world of health care in Great Britain. He is also a devoted member of the Ismaili community and has held a number of prestigious position therewithin. Shafik originally hails from the African country of Tanzania where he was born in 1950. He eventually emigrated to the United Kingdom and attained his qualification as a dental surgeon. This was the start of his long and illustrious career in the world of healthcare.

Today, Shafik Sachedina is most well know on the healthcare side of his life for his co-founding of the highly successful patient care company Sussex Healthcare. Shafik founded Sussex Healthcare along with fellow Ismaili community member Shiraz Boghani more than twenty-five years ago and the pair of entrepreneurs today serves as the firm’s co-chairmen. Shafik’s healthcare expertise gained from years as a practicing dental surgeon and then years of experience working in other healthcare related industries made for a perfect pairing with Shiraz Boghani who comes at the healthcare business from a different angle. Shiraz comes from the world of hotels, but that experience has also proved invaluable in the building of an amazing patient care company life Sussex Healthcare. The fact is that Sussex is all about providing hospitality for the many patients that the company cares for in its twenty-some care home facilities. Shafik Sachedina’s expertise in the realm of healthcare and Shiraz Boghani’s mastery in the realm of providing hospitality have ended up being a match that has added up to huge success in the healthcare industry.

In regard to Shafik Sachedia and his devotion to his Ismaili community members, he takes this obligation as seriously as he takes his role in providing the best patient care available to the many patients who are taken care of in the Sussex Healthcare system. He currently holds the prestigious honor of serving in one of the communities most important roles. This is as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. This department is a part of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan, the leader of the Ismaili community. Shafik Sachedina is also a distinguished member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum and has held a number of other positions in the community. A key point to stress is that Shafik Sachedina fills all of these Ismaili community positions in a voluntary capacity. Voluntary service is a huge part of the life of members of the Ismaili community and Shafik Sachedian proudly follows in this tradition.

The Two Loves of Adam Milstein

When taking a gander at the direction of Adam Milstein’s life, plainly his profound duty to family and nation has molded each meaningful choice he’s confronted. What’s most staggering and enviable about Adam Milstein’s work is that such a significant amount of what he’s accomplished has been with his lovely wife Gila next to him. Establishing the Foundation, putting time and vitality into humanitarian exercises, and raising his own family, Adam and Gila have demonstrated that the obligations of marriage can fill a far higher need than merely their voyage. By devoting their lives to the administration of others, they’ve possessed the capacity to utilize their adoration for each other and their affection for Israel to encourage a feeling of solidarity, vision, and enthusiasm. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an immediate impression of the work they do a seemingly endless amount of time.

Adam Milstein’s Adoration for Israel

Regardless of how long it has been since Adam Milstein first landed in the United States, he has always remembered his adoration for Israel. Right up ’til the present time, he stays devoted to his home state. Be that as it may, he additionally has the profound energy for Jewish individuals living in different nations as he does. By conveying mindfulness and commitment to his new country of the United States, Adam has possessed the capacity to accomplish significantly more than he can any point foreseen in the interest of Israel. His work in fortifying Israeli-American binds and proceeding to secure Israeliness on a remote shore must be sure assembled the inheritance he set out to fabricate such a significant number of years prior. Adam Milstein has guaranteed that his life will leave an enduring effect on the lives of numerous to who and what is to come.