“James River Capital Incorporation “

The James River Capital Incorporation was developed in 1986 and began as an alternative investment department for a firm known as Kidder Peabody & Company. It then became an independent firm in 1995 after the two department heads acquired Kidder Company. Currently, James River Capital is a registered investment advisor company, as well as a commodity trading advisor.


James River Capital recently published an article that talked about leadership and leadership skills. The article discussed how to effectively manage your office staff while being a considerate leader and while still ensuring the working environment is conducive for everyone.


The report also highlights the different strategies that researchers have come up with to improve leadership strategies in various organizations. The article also points out that leadership is more of an art than it is Science and therefore the strategy is quite achievable. The plans include:


Supporting your team more than you lead them


The article gave an example of how Facebook is structured such that the managers present mainly to help the different groups that are set up in the organization. Supporting the groups makes the people in the team comfortable enough to be more innovative.


Leaders are therefore advised to make sure that even their interactions with the different groups are friendlier. They are also encouraged to make sure that even though a member in a particular team makes a mistake, they should not be shunned instead they should be given an opportunity to prove themselves right through a second chance.


Encouraging Escalation at the workplace


Most employees usually hold reservations against their managers especially when their work is criticized. In most cases, employees may feel intimidated for approaching their leaders regarding critical issues due to communication barriers.


Managers in organizations are advised to be more approachable through a new concept known as psychological safety that allows people to approach you without fear. Psychological safety motivates employees in airing their concerns as well as escalations without any form of intimidation which in turn leads to the success of a company.


Ensuring every person’s opinion is heard


While trying to make this happen, it is the role of managers in an organization to make sure that obstacles in the office are eliminated. This begins from meetings where everyone should be given an equal chance to present their opinions regarding different matters. Leaders should not be pushy with their ideas as he can make the work environment uncomfortable as it also makes people question their presence in the organization.


James River Capital comes up with a strategy that managers can use during meetings. The first step should be coming up with a detailed list of people attending the conference and their position in the company, and then during the session, the manager or the assistant should put a check mark after every person speaks. This will, in turn, give everyone an equal chance to talk. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/company/james-river-capital-corp