Ryan Seacrest Continues To Be Known As An Entrepreneur With Interests That Exist Across A Wide Spectrum Of Industries:

Whether it is his work on television, the radio or in his many various business ventures and philanthropic works, Ryan Seacrest is a talent who seems to thrive in every avenue that he engages himself in. He has been known for years as one of the key faces on American Idol and has a radio program called On Air With Ryan Seacrest that has the distinction of being syndicated but he has also recently taken on a new endeavour in the entertainment industry as one of the co-hosts on the morning program known as Live. The show is known these days as Live with Kelly and Ryan.

In terms of entrepreneurial interests, Ryan Seacrest currently finds himself involved in a number of different activities that range from media companies to philanthropic work that sees him helping countless young people through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This is an organization that has done a lot of outstanding work for young people in a number of U.S. hospital facilities. This Ryan Seacrest Productions company has been going strong since the 2006 calendar year and has produced programming that has garnered Emmy Awards. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is perhaps the most well-known work that the production firm has engaged in. The fact that Ryan Seacrest is able to keep up with so many different activities is even more impressive considering his other regular engagements such as hosting the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

2014 saw Ryan’s entry into the world of fashion entrepreneurship when he launched an exclusive collection in the realm of men’s tailored clothing. This collection is known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction and it can be purchased exclusively through the iconic retail outlet Macy’s. The success of this line of products also led Ryan Seacrest to add a dermatologist formulated new skin care line for men to the business model. This line is known as Ryan Seacrest Polish. These ventures have provided Ryan with a great outlet to explore some of his passions that lie outside the realm of entertainment.

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