A brief overview of New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp is a specialized real estate investment trust that operates out of New York City. A real estate investment trust (REIT) is an entity that is responsible for financing, operating or owning real property or mortgages across numerous sectors. REITs are often categorized into different types based on the primary category of the assets that they manage. Five of the most popular examples of this are mortgages, office buildings, healthcare facilities, retail properties, and residential real estate. Some real estate investors may choose to buy these properties themselves but this is ill-advised because many REITs have a history of outperforming individual investors as well as the market.

New Residential Investment Corp is one such REIT that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. You can find this company by looking for the ticker “NRZ”. Michael Nierenberg is the President, CEO, and board chairman of this company. As a whole, New Residential focuses on real estate investments that are good opportunities for excellent returns. The four key asset classes that New Residential Investment Corp frequently includes in their portfolio are Excess MSRs, RMBS, Call Rights, and Servicer Advances. MSR stands for mortgage servicing rights and it is the right to service a mortgaging loan pool. RMB is short for Residential Mortgage-Backed Security. This is something that is created when residential real estate loan pools are converted into marketable securities.

As of February 19th, New Residential Investment Corp announced that they are offering 40,297,096 shares of its common stock. This is done with the intent of fundraising for the company. New Residential seeks to use these funds on new investments and for general corporate expenses. This offering is being made in accordance with the company’s effective shelf registration statement that was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. For those who seek more complete information about the company and about the offering, it is a good idea to read the documents that the company has filed with the SEC. These documents can be found for free by visiting EDGAR which can be found on the SEC’s website. Alternatively, the documents can be obtained by Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC who is working with Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC and J.P. Morgan Securities LLC as joint book-running managers.

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Shervin Pishevar: 50 Important Tweets

Shervin Pishevar, an active angel investor, decided to take the Twitter world by storm in February of last year. After being quiet for quite some time on the social media platform, he decided to be heard. He announced that he had a few concerns he wanted to share. He, then, created what is best described as a tweet storm.

Shervin Pishevar sent 50 tweets. While this doesn’t sound like a lot to some, what makes it so surprising is that they were all sent within 24 hours. Each of them piggy-backed off of the previous one, ultimately creating an essay of sorts.

A number of topics were covered in the tweets. Shervin Pishevar wanted to talk about the economy, cryptocurrency, monopolies, the entrepreneurial spirit, and more.

These tweets have been read by tens of thousands of people at this point. Many blogs have decided to talk about Shervin Pishevar’s tweets, too. What got the attention is that many of his predictions have come true, including the 6000 point drop in aggregate on the stock market and the plummeting value of Bitcoin.

While Shervin pointed out all of the issues going on, he didn’t offer solutions. One thing is for sure, however. We need to strip the power of monopolies in order to get the entrepreneurial spirit back.


Private Equity Firm HGGC Plans To Sell A Minority Stake In Davies Group Ltd.

It was recently announced that Palo Alto based private equity firm HGGC was selling a minority interest in one of their holdings in Davies Group Ltd. to Canadian institutional investment fund manager Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). Davies Group is a consulting and technology solutions provider for UK insurance groups, high regulation financial services, and other entities such as utility companies and telecom. The selling of this minority stake in Davies will add to large capital access for them as well as offer a larger shareholder base. HGGC Principal John Block stated that this decision was made to allow Davies Group to keep growing rapidly as it had added over 100 new clients in just the last year, and the technology the company has invested in and implemented was tremendously impacting their clients. Block and his fellow executives look forward to this new funding partnership with AIMCo.

HGGC has several different funds that they run that have yielded great returns to their investor assets. The firm was started in 2007 when Chairman and CEO Rich Lawson teamed up with John Huntsman and Robert Gay to start Huntsman Gay Capital Partners in 2007, and the first fund from that began their investments was the $1.1 billion Fund I. Six years later, Fund II would be launched and raise $1.3 billion in shareholder commitments, and some of the institutional investors who came on board in this round were Denmark-based PKA-AIP and British pension provider West Yorkshire Pension Fund. Fund III, the latest round of capital influx totaled $1.84 billion, which has brought the firm’s total capital commitments today to $4.3 billion.

HGGC believes in investing through building key partnerships and taking on the middle markets through recapitalization of companies that plan on using updated technology to change smaller markets in retail and sales outlet stores. The spectrum of these companies ranges from industrial to healthcare, though software companies have represented a major part of their strategy and they’ve been a majority holder in Serena Software for about five years. A little known fact about HGGC is that another cofounder and managing partner in the firm is former NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and current ESPN network analyst Steve Young.


New Residential Investment Corp To Invest In The US Residential Mortgage Industry

New Residential Investment Corp. is a well-known investment company which mainly focuses on actively managing, investing in residential real estates. The firm aims at driving strong returns which are risk-adjusted by investing in non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities, excess mortgage servicing rights and Servicer Advances. The company is performing excellently under a highly skilled and experienced management team. It targets assets which can generate long term cash and employs conservative capital structures in order to make returns at different environments of interest rates.

The real estate investment fund also invests in residential mortgage loans, real estate securities as well as corporate and consumer loans. Moreover, the company is also interested in the portfolio of consumer loans such as homeowner and unsecured loans. New Residential Investment Corp was founded in the year 2011 by Michael Nierenberg, a highly professional and skilled person with excellent leadership skills. It has its headquarters in New York City. Michael Nierenberg serves as the current Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the company. He is also the President of the corporate and works hard that it delivers quality services to increase its productivity and maximize profits. Nierenberg is responsible for all aspects of growth and development of the company.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp, but later it started operating as an independent publicly traded entity in 2013. The corporate is managed and advised externally by affiliates of the Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company plans to take the opportunity of investing in the residential mortgage industry which was undergoing some changes to transform the way mortgages will be originated, serviced and owned.

New Residential believes it can take and work in the opportunity as it is fully equipped with the necessary resources. The fund has capital, key business relationships with other companies and it is experienced in investing in the mortgage industry. With all this aspect being put into consideration, the company can take the opportunity and deliver desirable results. The opportunity was created by the United States residential housing market, and this was after the United States financial crisis.

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Fortress Investment Group: The Companys Ascension to Success

The year 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Fortress Investment Group, a leading American investment management firm. The company was the brainchild of Wesley Edens, Rob Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman, and they established the business after learning a lot from their previous companies how these businesses work. The three also wanted to earn huge profits, so they took the challenge and set up their own investment firm. The Fortress Investment Group was difficult to handle at first, because they lack the sufficient number of clients required to run an investment management firm. What the three founders did was to encourage investors to shell out financial investments for the company, and they promised that the investors will be experiencing great returns in a short span of time. Visit indeed.com

A few years after the establishment of the Fortress Investment Group, the company was able to raise billions of dollars’ worth of assets that were entrusted to them. The founders of the company never expected that the people would be giving them huge amounts of assets, but they do not want to disappoint their clients so the founders decided to take it to the next level and see how their clients would earn additional income from the Fortress Investment Group. The founders realized that the stock market is a great way to invite people investing their money on buying shares, and they decided to enter the Fortress Investment Group into the New York Stock Exchange. $600 million worth of shares were sold after the company’s debut in 2009, and many people were optimistic after they have seen that the company has an upward trend.

The company continues to impress financial experts, as they were able to get through the recession and several financial crises that paralyzed most of the Western World. Today, the company has grown to manage more than $70 billion worth of assets, and an interested Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group decided to purchase the company for more than $3 billion. Through this partnership, the company believes that the Softbank Group has an extensive plan on how they would keep the reputation of the investment firm in a positive light. Read more on https://www.linkedin.com/company/fortress-investment-group

Matt Badiali Prediction: Invest in Oil and Gas in Spring 2019

What does Matt Badiali predict for 2019? He believes that you should invest in energy to most return from your dollar in Spring of 2019.

Why should you listen to Matt Badiali? You should listen to me because he was a geologist and went around the to do research on geology. After being a geologist, he became an investment and used his knowledge of geology to find the right places to make energy investments. He examines energy companies quite closely and determines if they would make good investments or not. Badiali certainly should be listened if you want to make investments in energy.

When people think of making energy investments, they usually think that they should invest in oil. Matt Badiali actually that you might be better off if you try investing in natural gas. In the years 2016 and 2017, natural gas reserves improved by 36 percent. A supply increase usually mean that the prices decrease, but Badiali thinks that the demand is so great that the prices will increase. People want gas so much that they won’t mind that they will pay a little extra to get it.

Badiali still thinks that you should invest in oil. There are still really good opportunities in the oil market. It is thought that oil prices will increase due to the sanctions on Iran. These price increases could be countered by American oil companies increasing their oil production. The oil prices have lowered and have made them more attractive to buy.

The best overall reason to invest in gas, oil and other fossil fuels is that most energy companies are able to operate tax-free. Being tax-free makes it easier to pass on the profits to their shareholders. The tax benefits and growth potential of the energy makes it even more attractive as an area to invest.

Matt Badiali has the expertise and knowledge to make his predictions come true.

The Unique Acquisition Deal Between Fortress Investment Group And Softbank

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is one of the top investment firms in the USA and the world. It is in charge of managing assets for more than 1,750 institutional investors as well as individual investors from various parts of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has expertise in a wide array of investment strategies including private equity, real estate, permanent capital, and credit. The company strives to create a strong return for all the investor clients. It has hired 919 asset managers and 209 investment professionals. Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York and it has established regional offices in various regions around the globe.

The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group investment by SoftBank Group Corp was completed in December 2017. Fortress Investment was bought at 3.3 billion. SoftBank is one of the world’s largest financiers of revolutionary technology. Apart from its interest in cutting edge technology such as robotics, SoftBank also has interests in telecommunication. Their engagements make the acquisition of Fortress by the company a natural fit.

FIG is expecting to reap great benefits from its association with SoftBank. SoftBank is expected to emerge among the world’s largest investors because it will soon be launching a technology fund worth $100 billion. As part of the acquisition agreement, SoftBank agreed that it would stay off the management of the considerable assets owned by Fortress Investment Group. It is a mutually benefiting agreement since Fortress thrives when it is given the autonomy of deciding it path and determining the avenues it wants to pursue. The arrangement is expected to bring in great returns.

The other unique aspects of the deal were that FIG retains its independence in operations and not shift its headquarters. The acquisition was unlike other large acquisitions that result in the buyer setting all the terms, and mostly they launch extensive renovations that completely change the operations and the management of the company being bought. However, in this case, FIG was not hugely affected by the new ownership. This is because SoftBank recognizes the value of obtaining an already successful company and allowing it to continue engaging in activities that have made it succeed.

Find more about Fortress Investment Group: http://www.vault.com/company-profiles/investment-management/fortress-investments/company-overview

What You Should Know

Organ Gold is produced by a company called Organo. The Company was started in the year 2008. It offers products like personal care items, teas, coffees, and nutraceuticals. The firm is based in Richmond, Canada. It operates in about 45 countries. Organo Gold Coffee is its most popular product.

Organ Gold is by far different from common types of coffees because it contains Chinese fungus, Ganoderma lucidum, put into items they distribute. The unique characteristics of fungus have helped Organ create a product with several health benefits. The drink can be helpful when it comes to weight loss, increase energy levels, provide antioxidants, and immune system support.

Health Benefits of Organo Gold

  1. Cancer Prevention

Ganoderma Lucidum has strong immunity-boosting properties that can help a body nettle down cancer cells. Some studies have shown that the mushroom can help prevent or slowdown proliferation as well as the migration of cancer types such as breast cancer.

2 Cardiovascular health

The Japanese, as well as Chinese, have found out that Ganoderma Lucidum enhances blood flow. Also, it can facilitate the lowering of oxygen consumption within the heart. Some studies have revealed that Ganoderma Lucidum can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, as well as the increase of the plaque on the walls of the arteries. It reduces the chances of suffering from a stroke, regulation of blood sugar levels brought about by its polysaccharides: Ganoderma B, A as well as C.

3      Immune system support

Ganoderma Lucidum is known to have immune system boosting characteristics. Consuming the fungus severally can help you strengthen the immune system to fight conditions like tumor growth. According to a study done in the year 2009, the fungus contains anti-inflammatory as well as immunomodulation components. It can help treat inflammatory disorders like arthritis and allergies.

4     Antioxidants and weight loss

Ganoderma Lucidum has high levels of concentration of antioxidants. According to the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, components within the mushrooms enhance its antioxidant





Fortress Investment Group Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one of the executives and one of the principals of the investment firm Fortress Investment Group. He is also a member of the firm’s committee of managers as well. For the last 16 years, Peter Briger has helped lead Fortress Investment Group into becoming one of the top financial services firms in the world. As well as being a top manager at the firm Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has also spent a number of years at other top investment firms such as Goldman Sachs. Along with being a successful executive, Peter has been active in his community. As a member of the community, he has helped contribute to a number of beneficial projects. With his success as an investment firm executive, Peter acquired a considerable amount of wealth and was recently named to Forbes list of billionaires. Learn more about Peter Briger at Crunchbase.

In 2002, Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group. Shortly after becoming a member of the firm, Briger would be named the firm’s management committee. At this position, he was in charge of setting the strategy as well as the overall direction for the firm. Along with occupying this position, Peter was would also be named as a principal and the co chief executive officer. As a member of Fortress Investment Group, Peter has also been in charge of overseeing the firm’s private equity and credit securities management department.

Peter was also a member of Goldman Sachs. While there he was serving as a director of the credit securities department. When working at Goldman Sachs, Peter was heavily involved in helping with the expansion of the firm. He spent many years assisting the firm with its expansion into Asia. When he was working on the firm’s expansion into Asia, Briger served as a member of numerous committees associated with the Asian markets. With his contributions, Goldman Sachs was able to develop a key presence in one of the world’s most significant financial markets. Briger was also able to demonstrate his leadership abilities which helped the firm achieve a number of its short term and long term goals.

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HGGC Recruits New Executive Team Members To Encourage Growth

HGGC, LLC is a leading company in the financial sector. Specifically, it is a private equity firm that has a variety of functions and interests. HGGC primarily has an interest in business services, financial services, and a wide variety of products and ventures. They don’t limit their reach to the United States. They are also invested in international ventures. In total, they have over 4 billion in investments across the board.

The headquarters of HGGC is located in Palo Alto, California. The company has enjoyed great success and has won awards such as the 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year in the publication Mergers & Acquisitions magazine. The company was created in 2007 and is currently being led by CEO Richard F. Lawson Jr. who is also a co-founder, Gregory M. Benson, Steve Young, and CFO Leslie M. Brown Jr. The company was originally H&G Capital Partners. The name was changed in 2008 due to confusion with a similarly named company in the same financial sector.

HGGC recently announced that they have added six new team members to the executive lineup. Taking the lead as Principal, Colin Phinisey is a banking professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the firm. He was most recently the Director of the Leveraged Finance Group for Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Also in the new lineup, is Christopher Guinn who was previously the CFO at Atrium Corp and Neways International. There is also Zachary Adams from Boston Consulting Group, William Spector from McKinsey & Company, Patrick Malanga from Financial Sponsors Group, and Hao Qin from Onex.

Since the creation of HGGC, the company has seen over 100 platform investments. Their approach to investing is referred to as “Advantaged Investing” and relies on a combination of solid partnerships and investments from not only the company, but the investors already present within the companies they acquire.