How CloudWick Machine Learning Can Help In Healthcare And Telecom

While two very different industries, healthcare and telecom do share many issues and problems. From keeping customers satisfied, maintaining excellent customer service in all areas, and ensuring companies are run as efficiently as possible, it is these and other issues that often result in problems for companies that lag behind in the use of technology. When this occurs, partnering with CloudWick can solve virtually all of a company’s production issues.

When it comes to using CloudWick machine learning models in the healthcare industry, most experts agree the sky is the limit. With more and more emphasis being placed on having the patient’s experience be as good as possible from start to finish, many healthcare companies are now embracing the use of analytics, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to examine data and make changes as necessary. For example, one of the biggest problems for many private practices and hospitals is patients who fail to show up for appointments. According to the latest data, nearly 30 percent of appointments scheduled each day are no-shows. As a result, this leads to more than $150 billion in wasted costs industry-wide on an annual basis. But by using CloudWick machine learning models, it is believed the rate of no-shows can be greatly reduced.

And while telecom companies do not have a problem concerning no-shows for appointments, they do have issues when it comes to retaining customers. Since there are numerous telecom companies from which to choose, customers often have the upper hand in these situations. As a result, when a telecom company loses even one customer, it can become a costly problem. For example, along with no longer having regular monthly revenue from that customer, the company also loses out on potential future sales. Known in the industry as customer churn, it is a problem all telecom companies want to reduce as much as possible. By using CloudWick machine learning models, this can happen. By using analytics and artificial intelligence, these companies can spot trends that led to customer dissatisfaction, and thus learn how to more accurately predict customer churn and how to obtain new customers.

CloudWick: Harnessing Security, Machine Learning, and Data Lake

CloudWick is it company involved in cyber security coupled with Data Lake. Data Lake is an innovative way to house and process statistics and information. With today’s ever-increasing demanding files, companies have discovered that in order to make use of all the information they need a flexible system. Data Lake handles volume, security, and is centralized. Cloudwick can help new companies. Their team determines what type of operating system is currently in use. With that information, the Data Lake will be created. The team members consist of many departments. There are data scientist and engineers, who are working with Spark developers. Also, there are consultants, developers, and managerial staff.

Cloudwick’s cyber security is configured to safeguard data while locating threats. The One OSAS Cloudwick, operating at the cloud level, protects using intelligence backed with analysis. It quickly allows companies to recognize threatening contacts. Breaks in security can be seen in hours versus weeks. Many of the current security operations match signatures. They cannot analyze more than several million acts in 24 hours. Whereas the Cloudwick program successfully examines billions of actions and events every 24 hours. The One OSAS manages false alerts better by using a triangulation program to check for threat legitimacy. The filters spot unusual behavior. Once identify the malicious traffic is seperated. This helps to create a manageable list of possible threats.

Another advantag One OSAS offers is machine learning adapted to pull traffic patterns from suspicious activity. This procedure helps detect higher risk connections. It also helps distinguish ranking orders and global context as it pertains to the site. If an IP address is flagged as potentially harmful, any associated information or contacts will be used to build an outline of origination.

Cloudwick provides teams, tools, and knowledge to protect data, support businesses, and create solutions for companies. Some of the companies they have assisted are airlines, restaurants, and retailers. The goal is to provide answers and seamless support.