HGGC Recruits New Executive Team Members To Encourage Growth

HGGC, LLC is a leading company in the financial sector. Specifically, it is a private equity firm that has a variety of functions and interests. HGGC primarily has an interest in business services, financial services, and a wide variety of products and ventures. They don’t limit their reach to the United States. They are also invested in international ventures. In total, they have over 4 billion in investments across the board.

The headquarters of HGGC is located in Palo Alto, California. The company has enjoyed great success and has won awards such as the 2014 M&A Mid-Market Private Equity Firm of the Year in the publication Mergers & Acquisitions magazine. The company was created in 2007 and is currently being led by CEO Richard F. Lawson Jr. who is also a co-founder, Gregory M. Benson, Steve Young, and CFO Leslie M. Brown Jr. The company was originally H&G Capital Partners. The name was changed in 2008 due to confusion with a similarly named company in the same financial sector.

HGGC recently announced that they have added six new team members to the executive lineup. Taking the lead as Principal, Colin Phinisey is a banking professional who brings a wealth of expertise to the firm. He was most recently the Director of the Leveraged Finance Group for Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Also in the new lineup, is Christopher Guinn who was previously the CFO at Atrium Corp and Neways International. There is also Zachary Adams from Boston Consulting Group, William Spector from McKinsey & Company, Patrick Malanga from Financial Sponsors Group, and Hao Qin from Onex.

Since the creation of HGGC, the company has seen over 100 platform investments. Their approach to investing is referred to as “Advantaged Investing” and relies on a combination of solid partnerships and investments from not only the company, but the investors already present within the companies they acquire.


Mike Bagguley Popular Personality in the Banking Circles of the United Kingdom

Mike Bagguley is one of the prominent names in the banking industry of the United Kingdom. He has done Bachelors in Science with a major in Mathematics, and immediately after the completion of his studies, he went on to join the banking industry. The banking sector is one of the most competitive these days and making it big in here is certainly commendable. Even with so much competition, Mike Bagguley managed to make a name for him in the sector due to the kind of remarkable performance he gave in any financial and banking institutions he worked in.

Mike Bagguley has worked for nearly two years at Barclays as the head of sales and trading of macro products, marketing, and investments bank. He was later promoted to the position of COO for Investment Bank at Barclays. Due to the way he helped the department he was heading perform so well and add to the revenue of the organization, Mike Bagguley was made the Chief Operating Officer of the Barclays International. The good thing about Mike is that even though he is in an executive role, he continues to do his research to ensure that he is updated with the latest happenings in the world of finance. It helps him craft his business and marketing strategy accordingly.

At Barclays, Mike has been able to implement a much certain business strategy that has added to the business of the bank. Focusing on improving the profitability of the clients and helping them achieve their goals with ease is essential. It is what Mike Bagguley has aided in facilitating through his business insight. In the banking circles of London, Mike is a famous and popular man and the recommendations from him are looked after carefully. As a man with great business insight, the market speculation by him is followed closely, even by some of the leading financial gurus. He believes that providing quality and efficient services to clients would help in organic marketing and it is what he focuses on as the COO of Barclays International. Growth and expansion with an effective marketing strategy are also one of the key focuses of Mike.


Sahm Adrangi Uses Financial Knowledge To Help Others Grow

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. the company, which was started in 2009 with under 1 million, now has a net worth of $150 million.

Adrangi is known primarily for his research, stock expertise, and all things financial. The purpose of Kerrisdale Capital is to correct the vast number of widely-held myths about stock market. The research compiled by Kerrisdale is shared on all social media sites.

Sahm Adrangi made his bones on exposing illegalities with Chinese advertisers like China Biotics and China Marine Food Group. After exposure, many of his targets came under investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission.

Kerrisdale offers a great deal of research on a number of countries. Andragi has also focused on a number of biosciences companies such as Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen and Pulse Biosciences.

In addition to researching different companies, Kerrisdale has taken on the role in investments. In 2014, Adrangi led a protest to oust directors of the Morgan Hotel Group. He also helped secure capital for a number of other distressed banks.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi began a career in the credit and finance. He worked with loan financing through Deutsche Bank and with bankruptcies and restructuring through Chanin Capital Partners. He also spent several years working with multi-billion dollar distressed debt.

In addition to all of his other endeavors, Sahm Adrangi has worked as a public speaker at many conferences. His works have also been featured in a number of publications like the Wall Street Journal. Kerrisdale now manages over $300 million in revenue. He is always looking for ways to stay atop of the heap.

Because of his experience, Sam Adrangi offers his experience and training to others seeking to find out more about finances. His background allows him to offer services to anyone who wants to know more.


Fortress Investment Group Successfully Creating a Brand in Wealth Management Industry

Creating a brand for a particular company seems to be a hard asking for many organizations out there in the industry. Companies fail to create a good and recognizable brand that remains in the minds of consumers by using poor strategies. However, Fortress Investment Group has proved to be one of the most innovative organizations when it comes to building a recognizable brand that is a household name for many families in the United States. Many people in the US an abroad are aware of Fortress Group which is an aspect many organizations fail to achieve.

By offering quality services than what other companies have been doing, Fortress Investment Group was building a brand. This brand was figured out such that it portrays Fortress Group as an organization that is concerned about its customers. The company started offering quality services to the customers by using innovative methods which ensured that a customer was served within a short period. Not only did the company focus on serving its customers within a short period, but it also ensured the services that customers get provided solutions to the problems they were facing.

Secondly, the organization decided to target a market niche that other organizations in the same industry had not targeted. Firms in the sector just managed other people’s assets without investing in alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group started buying assets in the transportation industry which increased the value of the company after selling such assets. Additionally, the company began buying assets that were being disposed of by other entities positioned Fortress Group as an opportunistic company that works in all seasons by maximizing on the period of recession to grow its wealth.

The other strategy that had led to the growth of Fortress Investment Group and its brand is deciding to sell its shares in the New York Securities Exchange. This move portrayed the company as one of the most reliable and trusted companies operating in the wealth management industry. Due to the brand that Fortress Investment Group has, the number of customers seeking investment services and advice from the company has been growing making it the largest company in terms of customer base.

Successful Equity First Holdings Secrets

When it comes to matters professionalism, there are companies that have been able to dominate the industry so much. They have been able to convince others that truly they deserve to be in the industry. These companies enjoy the privilege of having the best customers ever in the world. Equity First Holdings is among those lucky companies and has been hailed because of its great achievements in industry.

Equity First Holdings was formed by the famous Christy from India. Infact, their first office is usually located in Indianapolis. That is when they started in 2002. By then he was working with another company and she decided to quit in 2004 when he took over the management roles. He became the director and within no time, they had managed to help more than 7,000 companies solve financial problems. Infact they have been on the frontline making sure that they succeed in life.

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