The Award Winning Services of the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve distributes gold, silver and platinum coins. It is one is one of the largest distributors in the US. The company was founded in Austin, Texas in 2002 by a group of experts in the precious metal market who wanted to help customers make informed choices and wise investments in precious metal currency.

The US Money Reserve has earned the reputation of providing personalized and expert services to its customers. It has helped many customers benefit financially by investing in precious metal currency. The team consists of specialists in gold investments, specialist numismatists, professionals who specialize in standards and compliance, coin researchers, professionals in inventory and vault and shipping and sales verification specialists. They also have a highly trained customer relations department and business support department.

Services provided by the US Money Reserve have been recognized by the Adsphere Awards for two consecutive years. Adsphere Awards are given to the best cable advertisers and brands featured in the direct –response television industry DRTV. They recognize the best advertisers in four classifications including lead generation, short form products, 28.5 minute infomercials and brand/direct. The awards honor a wide range of industry categories. The awards are instituted by DRMetrix , a leading television research company. DRMetrix monitors 120 national cable networks and give the awards to the best advertisers in the four categories.

Adsphere has honored the US Money Reserve in the categories of short form products and Infomercials for two consecutive years. The CEO of the US Money Reserve has praised the talents of the company’s media, marketing and production teams for their efforts that helped the company earn this prestigious award in the financial category. She was also grateful to the loyal customers of the brand who have made their advertising campaigns a success and the customer service team who make efforts to establish good and long term relationships with their customers.

The US Money Reserve had entered into an agreement with the Perth Mint Coin. The Perth Mint Coin had made the company the exclusive distributor of the proof coin set issued for Queen Elizabeth II’s 75th anniversary. They entered into this agreement just before receiving the Adsphere awards.

The trained personnel at the US Money Reserve have provided superior quality services to investors in precious metal currency and numismatists across the US and have also earned accolades for striving to continuously improve their services for their customers.


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