Equities First Holdings, according to wikipedia

Wikipedia is the new goto for information about any and everything you could imagine. So what do you think we discovered when looking for Equities First Holdings? At first, it was hard to locate because of the three words, Equities First Holding. But then we were able to identify a page regarding the information about Equities First Holdings on Wikipedia.

What we found was very interesting. We discovered that this company is privately owned and that it has been on the lending scene for about 17 years, originating in 2002. We also found that this company allows business entities to borrow money from there own shares! This is an innovative way to lend money and has proven to be a very successful technique.

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Madison Street Capital Provides Advisory Services to Sachs Capital Group on an Acquisition

Madison Street Capital was the official advisor to Sachs Capital Group on its acquisition of RMG Networks. Virgo Capital as well as Merion Investment Partners provided financing in connection with the take-private of RMG Networks. RMG Networks is a prominent provider of digital signage products and services to more than 50% of the Fortune 100. Barry Peterson led the investment banking firm’s team.



In a statement Gregory H. Sachs, Sachs Capital Group CEO, said that they were extremely pleased for closing the transaction. He continued to say that Madison Street were instrumental in identifying capital sources. Madison Street’s efforts and guidance played a major role in the success of the take-private.



Barry Petersen stated that it was a great experience supporting Sachs Capital Group to complete the take-private transaction. According to Mr. Peterson, the RMG Networks transaction was fascinating. RMG Networks is better positioned to take up growth opportunities especially now that it has launched Korbyt, a digital signage as well as corporate communication platform.



RMG Networks passed down $1.29 per share price to its shareholders after closing the transaction. RMG Network ceased trading on NASDAQ Stock Exchange back in September. Madison Street Capital reputation has skyrocketed on the wake of the transaction.



About RMG Networks



RMG Networks is a Texas-based tech company that specializes on digital marketing to increase productivity, efficiency as well as engagement in businesses. It puts together hardware, software, applications as well as services to provide a single point of accountability to enable real-time performance management as well as integrated data visualization. The company has grown to operate offices in Dallas and across the world.



About Sachs Capital Group



Sachs is a capital provider to accomplished entrepreneurs under the patriarchy of Gregory Sachs who adds up as its Chief Executive Officer. It has a strong believe in capital appreciation over a long-time with controlled financial and operating risk. Sachs Capital Group pays attention to superior management, valuation, business fundamentals and proper corporate governance.



About Madison Street Capital



Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based international investment banking firm committed to superior leadership, service delivery as well as integrity in offering financial opinions, financial advisory services, merger and acquisition and valuation services to companies. It goes far and beyond to offer financial restructuring and Mezzanine capital raise.



Madison Street strives to help its clients maintain sustainable growth through corporate financial advisory services. It offers unparalleled services to both publicly-held and privately-held companies. Madison Street Capital’s strong focus on professional standards has gained it recognition all-over the world. Emerging markets comes along with many growth opportunities and therefore, it endeavors to help its clients to harness the opportunities.


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