Talkspace: Michael Phelps and Mental Health

Talkspace is one of the new ways that therapy is being made more accessible to people who really need it. Therapists who work for Talkspace are available 24 hours a day, so instead of physically having to leave work or home during a busy day to meet with a therapist face to face, you can meet with someone at any time of the day and any day of the week. The only thing you need to use this service is an internet connection and a Talkspace account. Therapists available at Talkspace are also licensed and experienced, so even though the account payment options make Talkspace much more affordable than a typical therapist, you do not have to sacrifice quality for cost. A typical therapist could cost up to $120 dollars an hour, so with basic accounts starting at about $45 a week, it is becoming more and more affordable to find help when it is needed.

One of the latest endorsements for the company comes from Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. The Olympic athlete describes a point in his life when he did not leave the room he was staying in for a full five days. Faced with a decision to either remain secluded or try to find help, Phelps realized that he needed to reach out, so he reached out to Talkspace. According to Phelps, the availability and expertise of the therapists at Talkspace were vital to the continued well being of his mental health. Everyone needs someone to talk to in life, even someone with 28 Olympic medals. Being “successful” does not exclude someone from needing an open ear to listen. Michael Phelps is proof that no matter where someone is in their life, it is important to admit when you need help working through some moments and it is always ok to talk to someone about it.

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