Steve Richie: A New Leadership

The leadership of Papa John’s pizza has recently been transferred to a new face, with overwhelming approval and praise by fellow colleagues, Steve Richie will now hold the title of Chief Executive Officer of Papa John’s Pizza. Steve Richie has been a long-term employee of the company, first starting in 1996 as hourly wage customer service representative. Driven to be apart of the process Steve would go on to own and operate his own franchise in 2006. Steve’s work ethic and integrity did not go unnoticed as he quickly climbed the ladder of success eventually leading him to be named the president of the company. Steve Richie is revered and admired by his colleagues as someone who will bring back respect and quality to Papa John’s Pizza.

Recently, Steve (@stevemritchie) according to him stated that these few weeks have been the toughest in his 22 years with the company. Therefore, he deemed it necessary to write a note to customers apologizing for their recent actions. Steve writes that any action or offensive words do not represent the company, he further reminds customers that Papa John’s is not one person but a team of staff members and employees who more often than not are family and citizens in their own communities. In the note, Steve Richie also promises that his leadership will not be one of words only, but actions as well. To begin, he promises to send experts to audit the company in the goal of understanding their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, senior management including Steve Ritchie Papa Johns himself will also be on the road meeting with franchise owners, employees, and customers to get a better feeling of what needs to be improved.

The empathy and leadership seen in this letter have some say already vastly improved the image of the brand. The Papa John’s company cannot sustain any missteps and if this letter is any indication of their future, then we can positively say the future is bright for Papa Johns.

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CloudWick: Harnessing Security, Machine Learning, and Data Lake

CloudWick is it company involved in cyber security coupled with Data Lake. Data Lake is an innovative way to house and process statistics and information. With today’s ever-increasing demanding files, companies have discovered that in order to make use of all the information they need a flexible system. Data Lake handles volume, security, and is centralized. Cloudwick can help new companies. Their team determines what type of operating system is currently in use. With that information, the Data Lake will be created. The team members consist of many departments. There are data scientist and engineers, who are working with Spark developers. Also, there are consultants, developers, and managerial staff.

Cloudwick’s cyber security is configured to safeguard data while locating threats. The One OSAS Cloudwick, operating at the cloud level, protects using intelligence backed with analysis. It quickly allows companies to recognize threatening contacts. Breaks in security can be seen in hours versus weeks. Many of the current security operations match signatures. They cannot analyze more than several million acts in 24 hours. Whereas the Cloudwick program successfully examines billions of actions and events every 24 hours. The One OSAS manages false alerts better by using a triangulation program to check for threat legitimacy. The filters spot unusual behavior. Once identify the malicious traffic is seperated. This helps to create a manageable list of possible threats.

Another advantag One OSAS offers is machine learning adapted to pull traffic patterns from suspicious activity. This procedure helps detect higher risk connections. It also helps distinguish ranking orders and global context as it pertains to the site. If an IP address is flagged as potentially harmful, any associated information or contacts will be used to build an outline of origination.

Cloudwick provides teams, tools, and knowledge to protect data, support businesses, and create solutions for companies. Some of the companies they have assisted are airlines, restaurants, and retailers. The goal is to provide answers and seamless support.

The Global Success of Organo Gold

Morning Coffee is a staple in the lives of many people. Each year hundreds of millions of dollars are made on coffee worldwide. Few people however view the drink as a healthy beverage. That thinking is beginning to change however thanks to Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a global company that has a product line of health products including coffee and much more. Their products are focused on bringing balance and health to people all across the world.

Organo Gold was founded by Bernardo T. Chua, a veteran in the marketing world. Chua co-founded Organo with a friend named Shane Morand. The goal of Organo Gold was to create a company that promoted high levels of balance and well being in their customers. The company produces three categories of products – beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Organo uses a unique approach called multilevel marketing. All of their products are sold through individual distributors who work to find recurring customers.

Organo Gold builds their products around a unique mushroom called ganoderma. Also known as reishi, Ganoderma is a powerful herb believed to have great health benefits. Many experts believe ganoderma can control cholesterol and even reduce toxins in the body. Ganoderma can be found in Organo Gold’s coffee, thus making it much healthier than other coffee’s on the market. Outside of coffee, ganoderma can also be found in Organo’s other beverages which include green tea, latte’s and hot chocolate. Furthermore the company has a number of other health products which include personal care products like toothpaste and soaps.

Organo has achieved global success. Currently their products are sold in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and even Jamaica. They continue to be an innovator that is determined to improve the health of their customers.

How Neurocore Applied Neurofeedback Works

Neurocore started in 2004 but the process of neurofeedback started before that in the seventies according to a write up on It is used to treat ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression. The first time a patient is seen they are given an assessment. After the initial appointment, they are given thirty training sessions for their brain.

Some of the benefits people get from the therapy are learning how to slow down their heart rate and breathe deeper to become calm. These things help oxygen flow to their brain and blood travel throughout their body making them feel better. When the heart and respiratory system work together the brain is healthier.

Neurocore uses neurofeedback which trains your brain by rewarding it for good behavior. At first, they put sensors on the patient and have them watch a movie of their choice. This shows them how the brain acts when it’s functioning properly to bring pleasure. It something is going on abnormally the movie will stop playing. The correction the brain makes to turn it back on is the training at work.

The sensors read the pattern and help reward it when it functions the correct way. Most Neurocore centers will work around a person’s schedule and keep hours at night to make sure they can get the most out of the therapy.

In an article on the website, the author talked about Neurofeedback being used to help treat ADHD. The process of Neurocore therapy is used to help calm a hyperactive child and keep them focused. The same techniques that help with ADHD help with anxiety and reducing anxiety symptoms. Learning to slow the brain down and breathe is very beneficial to a person who suffers from anxiety. The therapy doesn’t work right away, sometimes several sessions are needed before a person can start to feel better, but it takes time to train the brain.

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End Citizens United is Hoping for a Blue Wave in November

End Citizens United is doing the work of the American people. When Citizens United won their Supreme Court case against the FEC, it opened doors for PACs, or political action committees, to accept unlimited amounts of cash on behalf of politicians.

This resulted in corporations having more power than the citizens. It created a political landscape where money won elections. If a campaign is able to influence the people, using misinformation in political ads, then they are able to control the election outcomes. Common citizens simply don’t have the money to compete with corporations. Know more about the group on The Action Network.

Dozens of politicians are teamed up with End Citizens United. These politicians – all Democrats – aim to reverse this Supreme Court decision any way they can. They aren’t able to change the minds of the Justices; however, they are boycotting corporate money. These politicians include Bill Nelson, Beto O’Rourke, Jon Donnelly, Amy Klobuchar, and Elizabeth Warren. But there are dozens of other Democrats working with End Citizens United.

With the political process almost entirely in the hands of big corporations, the importance of reversing this decision cannot be stressed enough. Returning the power to the American people is the goal of End Citizens United and their supported Democratic politicians.

Tiffany Muller is currently leading the organization through the storm. As the first openly gay politician to hold office in Kansas, she knows more than enough about difficult struggles, and the struggle against big money in politics is no different. Tiffany Muller, along with the rest of End Citizens United, are attempting to truly bring a positive change to the American political process.

Other organizations supported include Paul Ruiz, Peter Defazio, Pete Aguilar, Jamie Raskin, and Sean Patrick Maloney. The list of politicians that are teaming up with Muller’s organization is growing more and more as midterms approach. A blue wave this November could set the foundation for the change that America needs.




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Talos Energy Merges with Old Stone Energy


About Talos Energy Merger

In May 2018, Houston-based Talos Energy fully merged with Stone Energy Corporation. The move was made with enthusiastic approval from the boards of both companies. Their combined name is Talos Energy Inc. Together, they have already built a dreadnought on the Gulf of Mexico. A dreadnaught is a 20th century style battleship that is known for its oil-based propulsion. Their combined equity values are worth over $1 billion. They have ownership of a total of over one million acres across the Gulf.

Talos Energy Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TALO. CEO Ted Duncan has stated that he expects their shareholders to greatly benefit from this latest scale and stock liquidy. Upon their closing, their liquidity was worth about $450 million, including $150 million in cash value.

The merger was one of the best moves that could have been made for its time. There have been a few discoveries of Zama oil in Mexico’s shallow waters as well as Tornado II and Rampart. The former is a deep water well located in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf. The Rampart is a deep well located in the Mississippi Canyon Block.

To begin with, Talos Energy had a strong pro forma credit balance sheet and profile. This was helped the most by ample available liquidy of their assets and low leverage. Pro forma also audited and counted that Talos Energy had about 47 thousand barrels of oil. Since the merger, Talos Energy Inc. exchanges every outstanding of old Stone’s stocks to one share of theirs. At the closing, Talos shareholders held over 60 percent of the stocks while Stone’s held only over 35 percent. Aside from having the more substantial scale, Talos also had the more experienced and talented management team and asset diversification.

Talos Energy And The Mississippi Canyon A Profitable Combination.

Talos Energy and the Mississippi Canyon are a profitable combination. Mt Providence well located in the Mississippi Canyon. The drilling of the well completed in January of the year 2018. The well was drilled by a corporation called Stone Energy Corporation owned by Tim Duncan. This particular well was 60 days ahead of its original schedule and began producing in July of the year 2018.

Currently this well deemed part of the Pompano Platform produces 3,850 barrels of oil during a 24-hour time span. During the drilling of the Mt. Providence well the Chief Executive Officer and President of Stone Energy Corporation negotiated a combining also known as a merger of the two corporations. Hence was the birth of Talos Energy Corporation.

Tim Duncan now the President and Chief Executive Officer of Talos Energy Corporation expected high yields from the Mt Providence location. However, the Pompano Platform ended up producing way more than was originally expected.

The Mt Providence well is what is called a subsea well. It is located in the Mississippi Canyon and the water is about 1,850 feet deep in this location. Talos Energy owns the Mt. Providence well and so 100% of the profits belongs to the company and its investors. The investors are individuals or companies who have committed funds directly into Talos Energy. On the other side of the investment are individuals who buy and sell shares or portions of the corporation’s stocks.

Mt. Providence and the Pompano well are connected and are located 5 miles from one another. The Mississippi Canyon is rich with oil deposits just waiting to be discovered by Talos Energy. For instance, the Pompano Platform/field started producing oil in the year 1994. The Pompano Platform crews have gathered well over 190 million barrels of oil in all.

In 1994 Stone Energy used the current method available to them to find the oil deposits. The method was called Azimuth 3D Seismic modeling. Currently the Seismic Technology for exploring underground and the ocean floor is far advanced. The Seismic Technology used by Talos Energy gives a much clearer image or map of the underground oil and gas deposits.

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Stream Energy

When you hear of the horrific devastation currently being experienced by the residents of California and the natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey in Texas in summer 2017, it is hard to fathom the costs of the damage that these cities and states have endured. The emotional toll on the families who have lost loved ones, pets, personal belongings has been almost inconsolable. Business owners have seen their life’s work and savings destroyed in one fell swoop. Between the destructive fires and massive, devastating storms that occur frequently and relentlessly, communities and families are left penniless, destitute, and many without hope of recovery. Stream Energy, a direct-sales utility corporation in Dallas, TX, shows the residents of Houston, Dallas and across the nation that they are not alone, they have help. Stream Energy has a philanthropic heart at its center called, “Stream Cares.” The company and its amazing team of generous agents and employees went out into the field to help those who were left homeless and hopeless after Hurricane Harvey.

After a major disaster, it is difficult to locate those who were most affected. Street signs are torn down; roadways are destroyed, houses and cars are often relocated. These devastations don’t often provide the opportunity for families to grab their identification and banking information. Many storm victims barely have shoes on their feet or clothes on their backs. In these cases, they are often in shock and disbelief, making it difficult to identify them or their family members in the waning hours after a devastating disaster. Stream Energy is out in the field in a central location, handing out supplies like water, hygiene products, and other donations to residents. Many of the victims of Hurricane Harvey were Stream Energy customers, and they were able to see the company that provides their utilities, provide a helping hand when they needed it most. Writing checks helps, even though they can seem impersonal, but when you can look someone in the eye as they reach out a hand to help, that is hope that money can’t buy.

Fagali’I Airport History

Located on the small island of Upolu, Fagali,I is a village that brings culture and diversity to the table. Also known as Fagali’i-Uta, this village is part of the Samoa archipelago, located just on the south side of Apia. When it comes to government, Fagali is currently under control of the Vaimauga East district. The last reported census set the population at 1,500 people. Mainly the people living in the area are families that have spent many years in this area. The construction of an airport was something that was spoken about for a number of years before the plans were finally put into place. The design was minimal when it first began. Visit for more info.

On the island is now a small airport called the Fagali’I International Airport. This is one of the main businesses that is situated on the island of Upolu. Owned by Polynesian Airlines, there is a long history of the airport being shut down and opened back up again. When it was first created there was a grass strip that planes would land on. It wasn’t until the airport shut down in the early 2000’s that a paved strip was installed. Then in 2002, the airport re-opened for business with updated functionality.

In January of 2005, there was some local disputes going on regarding the overall safety of the airport and the noise levels that were becoming a problem for the people living in the area of the airport. The airport was shut down again at this time because of the concerns that were present. Debates continued on for the next few years and in 2009, the Fagali’I airport was reopened. International flights began to take place to the Pago Pago and American Samoa area. While some issues still remained among the locals regarding financial burden and environmental concerns, the airport remains open currently. Various airlines are functioning out of this area including Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. A DHC-6 Twin Otter plane is the main plane in place that is used various times throughout the week to transport passengers.

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