Four Amazing Organizations Victoria Doramus Volunteers For

addiction charityWhen it comes to charity, Victoria Doramus is a very active volunteer. Here are some of the organizations she dedicated her life to helping. They vary in missions, but are all incredible to say the least.

Victoria is a huge animal lover, so it’s no surprise that she volunteers for a non-profit organization focused on helping animals. The Best Friends Animal Society helps find homes for animals in animal shelters all over the United States so they are not euthanized. Not only do they rescue animals, they also advocate for them. The own the country’s biggest no-kill sanctuary for animals who have not been adopted to a loving home. They were founded in 1984 when killing animals routinely in shelter was very high at 17 million each year. Thanks to organizations like Best Friends Animal Society and others, they are down to 2 million each year.

The active philanthropist also volunteers for the oldest advocacy group for women in America. They are called the Women’s Prison Association and offer a number of services for women. Some of their services include helping women who leave jail and prison, helping them achieve a higher education, legal services for incarcerated mothers, and much more.

The next organization is called the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Amy Winehouse was a very popular and talented musician that passed away from alcohol poisoning. Her addiction ultimately ended her life at just 27 years old. Her father started the foundation to help others not have the same fate. They help educate youth on the affects of drug and alcohol addiction and help people at the highest risk for addiction stay clean and sober. On top of it, Amy’s home music studio is available for at-risk youth to use to explore their musical talents.

Victoria Doramus is a huge advocate for education, especially when it comes to children. Room to Read are all about children getting the education they deserves, especially in developing countries where they are not as lucky as others to get it for free. They have built schools and libraries in South Africa, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and seven more countries all over the world. They also advocate and help girls get the education that is more readily accessable for boys.

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