Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf Promotes Sustainability

Flavio Maluf is a Brazilian entrepreneur who was born in Sao Paulo in 1961. He has a mechanical engineering degree he earned at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation (FAAP). He is the president of Eucatex, a company started by his grandfather. He is also the president of GrandFood which has two brands of dog food on the market, Golden and Premier Pet.

Eucatex was established in 1951. Under Flavio Maluf’s leadership, it is one of the largest producers of products made with eucalyptus trees in Brazil. His company makes doors, floors, partitions, wood fiber sheets, and panels from eucalyptus. They also make paints and varnishes.

His company owns most of the land that the eucalyptus trees are grown on. Flavio Maluf has also entered into contracts with landowners to grow these trees on their property in exchange for money. The goal is to be self-sufficient when it comes to the basic materials that Eucatex needs to build its products.

Eucatex is headquartered in Sao Paulo and has other offices and facilities all around Brazil and other countries. Flavio Maluf developed an initiative called the Environmental Education Program that he named “House of Nature“. This initiative included partnering with municipal governments in order to teach younger people about sustainability and how a business can be environmentally friendly.

Flavio Maluf also has extensive knowledge about urban planting of trees and other vegetation. Students who participate in his program plant vegetation in city parks as well as ecological trails. Since he established this program more than 27,000 students have taken part.

At Eucatex they also work with the surrounding community in order to promote sustainable living. They will talk with neighbors around their farms in order to discuss forest operations and socioeconomic needs. Flavio Maluf wants to contribute to the quality of life in the areas in which his company does business. Read more: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fl%C3%A1vio_Maluf


James Dondero’s Works

James Dondero, Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management, has more than 30 years of experience in the credit and equity industries. After high school, he obtained degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. He graduated with both of these degrees with high honors. In the years afterward, he has also obtained full certification as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and Chartered Financial Analyst. Dondero first entered the professional world by becoming an analyst for Morgan Guaranty in 1984.

From 1985 to 1989 he served as Corporate Bond Analyst then Portfolio Manager for American Express. In 1989 he helped found the GIC subsidiary of Protection Live and then helped lead it to become a $2 billion company by 1993. He and his colleagues first founded Highland in 1993. It has since become well known around the world for its excellence in institutional separate accounts, CLOs, hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. He still remains its CEO.

In addition to this current role, he is Chairman of Nexbank and CCS Medical and a board member of MGM Studios, Dondero is also a committed and very active philanthropists. He commonly supports a number of charity initiatives in education, veteran affairs, and public policy. In recent months he has done much for the charity organization, Family Place. This past summer he hosted a Mother’s Day event at the Dallas Zoo to raise money for its residents. He has also recently hosted this year’s ReuNight, a fundraiser for Family Place. It was held at the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery on November 8.

Alex Hern Looks Forward To New Technology

The Direction Of The Industry

Alex Hern has decades of experience in the tech industry as an entrepreneur. He understands how to recognize innovation and develop startups around that new idea. He is currently focusing on the development of virtual reality technology. His startup company Tsunami VR delivers business solutions for companies in need of communication technology. Alex Hern is trying to build a company with this innovation, and he understands how to start a new trend. He believes this is going to deliver an immersive way for business professionals to communicate.

The Rise Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a growing technology as consumers continue to buy VR products. Software developers are looking into the potential VR might bring, and Alex Hern has new ideas about what this immersive medium can provide. Most tech startups look at virtual reality as a form of entertainment, but he believes there is something useful about VR. He wants to use the medium to create a way to communicate with the people around us. The tech industry seems to like the ideas behind his new project. He’s trying to explore a new direction for virtual reality applications.

Alex Hern Has Plans For His Company

Alex Hern’s company seems to have a good start, and the future looks good for the company. Investors like the potential Tsunami VR is showing, and other entrepreneurs are paying attention to the company. Virtual reality technology is going to change the way people communicate with each other. The ability to immerse yourself inside a virtual environment and talk to someone is a paradigm shift. Alex Hern wants to show people the potential for new technology. He wants to make Tsunami VR an example of how someone can tap into that potential for themselves.

Matt Badiali Prediction: Invest in Oil and Gas in Spring 2019

What does Matt Badiali predict for 2019? He believes that you should invest in energy to most return from your dollar in Spring of 2019.

Why should you listen to Matt Badiali? You should listen to me because he was a geologist and went around the to do research on geology. After being a geologist, he became an investment and used his knowledge of geology to find the right places to make energy investments. He examines energy companies quite closely and determines if they would make good investments or not. Badiali certainly should be listened if you want to make investments in energy.

When people think of making energy investments, they usually think that they should invest in oil. Matt Badiali actually that you might be better off if you try investing in natural gas. In the years 2016 and 2017, natural gas reserves improved by 36 percent. A supply increase usually mean that the prices decrease, but Badiali thinks that the demand is so great that the prices will increase. People want gas so much that they won’t mind that they will pay a little extra to get it.

Badiali still thinks that you should invest in oil. There are still really good opportunities in the oil market. It is thought that oil prices will increase due to the sanctions on Iran. These price increases could be countered by American oil companies increasing their oil production. The oil prices have lowered and have made them more attractive to buy.

The best overall reason to invest in gas, oil and other fossil fuels is that most energy companies are able to operate tax-free. Being tax-free makes it easier to pass on the profits to their shareholders. The tax benefits and growth potential of the energy makes it even more attractive as an area to invest.

Matt Badiali has the expertise and knowledge to make his predictions come true.

GreenSky- A break from traditional banking

Greensky is the best fintech in the world right and investors are projecting that it will do well in years to come, if not decades. This company is facilitating efficient transactions between borrowers and banks. It offers point-of-sale services to consumers, mainly homeowners and medical professionals. The role of the company is pegged on the fact that people will need services, but it is not always that they will have the cash to pay for the services. Some home improvements services might be required as a matter of emergency, and a homeowner might not be in a position to settle on cash.

Where does GreenSky come in?

GreenSky helps consumers to access instant loans. They work through merchants who offer services to homeowners. A good example is one where a consumer wants a home improvement services that will cost $5,000 but has no cash to pay for the services. The merchant can offer them an opportunity to finance the services through this fintech. The merchant will apply for a loan on behalf of the consumer. They will scan the ID of the consumer and collect other relevant details such as SSN. This information will be sent to GreesSky who will process the information and link the borrower to some of the lenders they partner with. Once a lender is obtained, the loan is processed instantly, and the merchant informs the consumer. The processed amount might even be larger than the processed amount, and the consumer might offer to use it on extra services offered by the merchant.

What does the consumer gain from GreenSky?

The loan offered through GreenSky is the best type of loan that one can take. How is that? This loan does not attract interest. Therefore, it means that one can comfortably pay for the loan since it is split up into tiny bits of repayment. Homeowners can consequently avoid all the challenges associated with traditional loans.

Investors in this fintech believe that the model of business they are running is highly profitable and will make it the best fintech for many years to come. Some of the early investors include Nigel Morris, the co-founder of Capital One.