Stream Energy Brings Back To Community By Creating Stream Cares

Hurricane Harvey is one of the costliest tropical cyclones that ever touched the ground, especially in the Houston metropolitan area and Southeast Texas. The hurricane dropped strong rains, which destroyed properties and took the lives of a lot of people and animals. Recovery will be hard because it would take a lot of resources and time to get back again. A lot of people and organizations, including Dallas-based Stream Energy, sent all the help they can give to the victims of the hurricane.

Stream Energy set up its corporate philanthropy in action. By selling energy, the company launched its first-ever charity foundation, the “Stream Cares”. Stream Cares are here to do something that Stream has done in more than a dozen years, albeit now more formalized and solidified.

The company is set to help out the heavily struck Dallas, one of its major customer base. Stream Energy is giving the help that its customers needed in order to stand again. In this case, its philanthropy, and their means to strengthen their brand is to give more money more than they received.

By launching Stream Cares, Stream Energy sees this as a win-win opportunity to give back to the community while getting respect and loyalty from potential clients. This practice has been seen in a lot of American companies over the past few years. According to Patch, corporate America is extraordinarily generous, giving $19 billion to charities all over the country and abroad. This will be another badge for Stream Energy in their philanthropy works. They are known to be in long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity (a charity involved in efforts to build “simple, decent, and affordable” housing projects) and the Red Cross (an international humanitarian company focused on protecting human life and health).

Stream Energy (commonly known as Stream) is one of the leading direct selling energy companies in the US. The company was founded in 2005 and has been running energy services in New York, Illinois, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Ohia, Washington D.C, New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas. It is one of the Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers. It has been generating $8 billion in revenue since its foundation.