Alastair Borthwick as an Author

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen but later moved to Glasgow at the age of eleven. He was determined to start making his wealth and joined the Glasgow Evening newspaper before mobbing to Glasgow Weekly Herald. He served many roles including; writing articles, editing films, compiling crossword as well as answering various queries asked by the readers. He earned a lot of experience while at this company. The weekly newspaper had an open forum through which Alastair Borthwick learned about the rock climbing adventure. Previously this activity was popular among the rich, but now it was gaining popularity among the youths and middle-class people. Even Alastair Borthwick was gained Interest.

During the Weekend Alastair Borthwick joined a group of hikers to explore the Scotland highlands. Most of the people belonged to the middle-class group and were unemployed. They hiked to relieve stress since they believed it’s not possible to sweat and think at the same time. Alastair Borthwick made a lot of Friends, and they shared their life experiences. He decided to write this outdoor adventure in a book Always a Little Further that was published in 1939 and has become popular across the globe. His characters included motorcyclists, bird watchers and the jobless people hence sharing the life experiences of the Scotland people.

James Fergusson interviewed Alastair Borthwick at the BBC studios, and due to his talent and confidence during a fifteen-minute radio talk, he was hired. Later Alastair Borthwick started his press club and participated in acting at the highest point of the Exhibition tower when the was a rainstorm, but he still wore a top hat and morning hat.

When the Second World War broke, Alastair Borthwick was in the front line to fight with the Seaforth Highlanders. He was a loyal soldier, and most of the time he served as an intelligence officer. At one time he led the battalion to war and sneaked at the Germans to emerge winners. His colonel gave him some time to go home and write about the activities of the war, and this motivated Alastair Borthwick to write another book Sans Peur. For more information, visit:


Alex Pall Reveals How the Chainsmokers was Formed

Usually, DJs rely on the excellence of songwriters and vocalists to complement their beats. However, the Chainsmokers, a group made of two DJs, broke this norm when Alex Pall sang in their global hit song ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey. Notably, the duo have the ambition to revolutionize the dance music genre by being recognizable artists rather than faceless beat crafters operating turntables.

Alex Pall started being a DJ at a tender age because he was passionate about the job. Precisely, he was obsessed with dance music and decided to pursue it further. He met his current manager back then, who later introduced him to his present partner and the other half of the Chainsmokers band, Andrew Taggart. After the two met, they stated working immediately after Alex quit his job.

On the other hand, Andrew venture into the DJ career while still in college. Like Alex, he too had a passion for electronic dance music. At the time, the genre was unpopular, with many student laughing at Andrew for his poor taste in music. However, when he left, many of his colleagues were huge fans of Avicii. Andrew started out by posting some of his works on SoundCloud and performing in college parties. Later on, when he met Alex, the duo clicked instantly and started working together.

According to Alex, the Chainsmokers duo share the same core values, a factor that has been a significant contributor to their success. Besides putting effort on this job because it pays for their bills, the band also strive to make their music productions relatable to their audiences. To keep their content interesting, the two always try to implement new styles.

The music industry is a fiercely competitive sector, as every producer and singer always works hard to be the standout performer. After their breakthrough, the Chainsmokers decided not to confine themselves to electronic dance music; all they cared about was producing good music. In this regard, they released some of their biggest hit to date, including ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, ‘Roses’ and ‘Waterbed’. Essentially, this tracks fuse multiple genres such as hip-hop, indie, dance, and pop.

Alex Pall With A New Hit

Alex Pall part of the duo in chainsmoker has been doing amazing in the entertainment scene. The band has produced hit songs like ‘Roses’ and ‘Don’t let me down.’ He started off in New York City as a regular Disk Jockey. This was part of his hobby as he puts it and he worked during the day. He went to Giggs to sell his art until one day he got an inspiration.

This was one of those days he had visited an art gallery and discovered that the house music really caught his heart. Alex Pall thought to himself that he could pursue this as a career. His manager who he is currently working with introduced him to his current colleague Andrew Taggart, who together formed the group Chain smoker. He quit his day job and Andrew moved from Maine to New York to work with him.

They knew from the word go that they will be good for each other. They had the same core values and knew what each other brought to the table. Alex Pall was a DJ while Andrew was a producer and social guru. They had to lay bare their ambition and the path to achieving that. What helped the most is the fact that they knew what was going on in the entertainment scene and they knew the pros and Con’s. To them, this was more of a journey than a job. They knew that it was up to them to work hard and set the ground running.

Alex Pall and Andrew worked with songwriters but greatly participated in the songwriting. However, they will be realizing a song that they have written and produced themselves and shifting from the norm Andrew will be singing together with Halsey whom they believe to have a strong voice and character. They have always wanted to work on Halsey who they believe to be one of the best artists.

Chainsmoker will be releasing an album that will be cohesive to their fan base that cuts across the whole world and of different age group. They appreciate the great reactions in social media and love from fans.