Gareth Henry Continues To Aid The LGBQT Community By Helping Abused Gay Refugees To Flee Their Country

Gareth Henry is a badminton player and Jamaican native who now calls Toronto his home. He served as a co-chair with the Jamaica Forum of Lesbians, All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG) and saw many of his friends get killed due to violence towards homosexuals on his island. He has commented that violence against the LGBQT community has been made into a normal everyday occurrence and that this has caused horrific violence to go unnoticed by the mainstream media and the world. He, himself, has been the target of Jamaican law enforcement due to his efforts and has had to endure multiple beatings at their hand.

Gareth Henry hid out for some time and was then found by Jamaican law enforcement who threatened to kill him. He was scared enough that he filed for refugee status and moved to Canada later on. He now serves as an interim director with the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation and also volunteers with the Rainbow Railroad, which is a nonprofit that works to relocate abused LGBQT individuals from all over the globe. He has endured a lot of abuse and has witnessed horrific beatings and other brutality that has been acted out on many other members of the LGBQT community.

As an LGBQT activist, Gareth Henry has been able to help many people through the Rainbow Railroad and has worked with more than 60 refugees to help move them to another country other than the one where they face constant abuse. He is hoping to reverse the current paradigm where the LGBQT community is a target for hate groups and other hateful individuals and points to English laws that punished same-sex relationships in his home country of Jamaica as being the origins of the current way they are treated. Gareth Henry is hoping that more people will begin to challenge society and its beliefs. Today, he lives in Toronto with his fiance, who also fled Jamaica, and other members of his family who were being harrassed by Jamaicans. He is happy to be a part of the Rainbow Railroad and will continue to work to free as many people as possible from the harassment and abuse they live with daily.

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Shiraz Boghani of Splendid Hospitalitys

Shiraz Boghani Achieves Success In Two Industries

Shiraz Boghani is one of the best hoteliers in the United Kingdom and he has the award to prove it. In 2016 his talents in the hospitality industry were recognized by the Asian Business Awards which are held in London, England. He was honored to be named at the Hotelier of the Year. In his speech after being presented with this award he thanked the senior management team of his company, Splendid Hospitality Group, as well as the entire Splendid family who he said were largely responsible for his success.

When Shiraz Boghani first opened his hotel business in the early 1990s there weren’t any limited service branded hotels in the United Kingdom. He pioneered this segment of the hospitality industry by creating partnerships with companies such as Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn. He now operates three-star to five-star hotels with the company flagships being The Grand Hotel & Spa York, Hotel Indigo York, and the Hilton London Bankside.

He was born in Kenya. Once he graduated from college he moved to the United Kingdom and became a chartered accountant. He started working at a small accounting firm in London and then joined McLintock (renamed KPMG since then). He decided to enter the hospitality industry as he saw a big need for hotels in London which didn’t have enough of them at the time to meet demand.

Since that time Shiraz Boghani teamed up with one of his business partners and opened Sussex Healthcare. This company operates assisted living home along the southern coast of the United Kingdom. They provided assisted living services to elderly people who live in their homes. The homes are staffed with medical assistants, nurses, chefs, and other staff who meet the needs of their patients.

Shiraz Boghani believes in using his success to give back to the community. The community he mostly helps is the Ismaili one. Aga Khan University teaches Ismaili students and he has served in a number of senior roles for this educational institution. Additionally, he has financially supported and volunteered for a number of other charitable organizations as well.

Mike Bagguley Popular Personality in the Banking Circles of the United Kingdom

Mike Bagguley is one of the prominent names in the banking industry of the United Kingdom. He has done Bachelors in Science with a major in Mathematics, and immediately after the completion of his studies, he went on to join the banking industry. The banking sector is one of the most competitive these days and making it big in here is certainly commendable. Even with so much competition, Mike Bagguley managed to make a name for him in the sector due to the kind of remarkable performance he gave in any financial and banking institutions he worked in.

Mike Bagguley has worked for nearly two years at Barclays as the head of sales and trading of macro products, marketing, and investments bank. He was later promoted to the position of COO for Investment Bank at Barclays. Due to the way he helped the department he was heading perform so well and add to the revenue of the organization, Mike Bagguley was made the Chief Operating Officer of the Barclays International. The good thing about Mike is that even though he is in an executive role, he continues to do his research to ensure that he is updated with the latest happenings in the world of finance. It helps him craft his business and marketing strategy accordingly.

At Barclays, Mike has been able to implement a much certain business strategy that has added to the business of the bank. Focusing on improving the profitability of the clients and helping them achieve their goals with ease is essential. It is what Mike Bagguley has aided in facilitating through his business insight. In the banking circles of London, Mike is a famous and popular man and the recommendations from him are looked after carefully. As a man with great business insight, the market speculation by him is followed closely, even by some of the leading financial gurus. He believes that providing quality and efficient services to clients would help in organic marketing and it is what he focuses on as the COO of Barclays International. Growth and expansion with an effective marketing strategy are also one of the key focuses of Mike.

Stream Energy

When you hear of the horrific devastation currently being experienced by the residents of California and the natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey in Texas in summer 2017, it is hard to fathom the costs of the damage that these cities and states have endured. The emotional toll on the families who have lost loved ones, pets, personal belongings has been almost inconsolable. Business owners have seen their life’s work and savings destroyed in one fell swoop. Between the destructive fires and massive, devastating storms that occur frequently and relentlessly, communities and families are left penniless, destitute, and many without hope of recovery. Stream Energy, a direct-sales utility corporation in Dallas, TX, shows the residents of Houston, Dallas and across the nation that they are not alone, they have help. Stream Energy has a philanthropic heart at its center called, “Stream Cares.” The company and its amazing team of generous agents and employees went out into the field to help those who were left homeless and hopeless after Hurricane Harvey.

After a major disaster, it is difficult to locate those who were most affected. Street signs are torn down; roadways are destroyed, houses and cars are often relocated. These devastations don’t often provide the opportunity for families to grab their identification and banking information. Many storm victims barely have shoes on their feet or clothes on their backs. In these cases, they are often in shock and disbelief, making it difficult to identify them or their family members in the waning hours after a devastating disaster. Stream Energy is out in the field in a central location, handing out supplies like water, hygiene products, and other donations to residents. Many of the victims of Hurricane Harvey were Stream Energy customers, and they were able to see the company that provides their utilities, provide a helping hand when they needed it most. Writing checks helps, even though they can seem impersonal, but when you can look someone in the eye as they reach out a hand to help, that is hope that money can’t buy.

Fagali’I Airport History

Located on the small island of Upolu, Fagali,I is a village that brings culture and diversity to the table. Also known as Fagali’i-Uta, this village is part of the Samoa archipelago, located just on the south side of Apia. When it comes to government, Fagali is currently under control of the Vaimauga East district. The last reported census set the population at 1,500 people. Mainly the people living in the area are families that have spent many years in this area. The construction of an airport was something that was spoken about for a number of years before the plans were finally put into place. The design was minimal when it first began. Visit for more info.

On the island is now a small airport called the Fagali’I International Airport. This is one of the main businesses that is situated on the island of Upolu. Owned by Polynesian Airlines, there is a long history of the airport being shut down and opened back up again. When it was first created there was a grass strip that planes would land on. It wasn’t until the airport shut down in the early 2000’s that a paved strip was installed. Then in 2002, the airport re-opened for business with updated functionality.

In January of 2005, there was some local disputes going on regarding the overall safety of the airport and the noise levels that were becoming a problem for the people living in the area of the airport. The airport was shut down again at this time because of the concerns that were present. Debates continued on for the next few years and in 2009, the Fagali’I airport was reopened. International flights began to take place to the Pago Pago and American Samoa area. While some issues still remained among the locals regarding financial burden and environmental concerns, the airport remains open currently. Various airlines are functioning out of this area including Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. A DHC-6 Twin Otter plane is the main plane in place that is used various times throughout the week to transport passengers.

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Betsy DeVos- The Tale Of Her Multiple Sides

There are many sides to the great Betsy DeVos. She lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Dick DeVos. They are both heirs to their family’s fortunes and spend most of it on their passions which include educational reform and politics. The people who know her are having trouble with reconciling the Betsy they used to know compared to the one that now works for the president as the Secretary of Education.


Her Former Self


The Betsy that most people used to know was pragmatic and very generous. The current Betsy is one that many people would describe as insulated and unprepared, especially during interviews as the Secretary of Education. These descriptions of her have been coming up recently after interviews completed by people that did not know who she was beforehand. Anyone that knows of her former self knows she is very pragmatic and a political fighter.


Born Into Wealthy Family


Most people are not always lucky to be born into a wealthy family. However, Betsy was fortunate enough to be born into a conservative and wealthy family back in 1958. She was raised in Michigan and her family attended a Christian Reformed Church every Sunday. After graduating high school, Betsy began attending school at Calvin College in the nearby town of Grand Rapids. Soon after, she married Dick DeVos and began a family. Dick was also born into a wealthy family and worked his way up through his family’s company. After working hard for many years, he earned the title of CEO of Amway.


Polite In Public


Anyone who knows anything about Betsy is well aware of the fact that she can be very polite in public unless she is arguing her opinions about politics. For many years now, she has been a leader in advocating charter schools and the use of school voucher programs. In her hometown, she has a solid reputation of being relentless when it comes to fighting for her political views. She has no issues with using her family’s fortune to punish her foes and reward her allies. She will work hard behind closed doors to unseat lawmakers and pass legislation that she believes in.


Many opponents of hers like to point out that both she and her husband had the privilege of private educations. They state the fact that she has a lack of connection to public school systems and the fact that most average families have trouble paying for their children’s educations.


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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Changing The Future Of The Aesthetic Medical Industry For The Better

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man of many passions who has been working in the cosmetic medical industry for many years. As an entrepreneur, he has discovered a way to tie some of his passions together. That way is through his company OVME, which is a retail aesthetics company that is in business to connect patients with quality healthcare professionals through an app or other online methods. Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans and picked up his medical degree there. He got into real estate investing but watched his business get destroyed as Hurricane Katrina hit the city.

Dr. Mark McKenna stayed around New Orleans for some time after the Hurricane in order to help rebuild the city but eventually moved on to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue something different. In Atlanta, he created Health company, which was a very successful medical aesthetic company that he eventually sold for a huge profit. After doing so, he used that profit to begin building OVME. This new business idea is a very smart one and will be disrupting the industry of aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Mark McKenna and OVME are doing so by offering something that has never been offered. Premium aesthetic medical services from qualified medical professionals who will come right to patients’ homes. McKenna, who has been an advocate for patients for many years, is very glad to be the one who is bringing this service to people all over the United States. While OVME is starting out in Atlanta, there are plans to expand its model all over the country. The nice thing about OVME is that it is drawing on some of the most advanced technologies of today and combining them with some of the most advanced medical services.

Mark McKenna has learned throughout all of his business experiences that every client has needs all of their own as well as certain preferences. As an entrepreneur, he has learned the best thing a company can do is to find out what those needs are and meet them. This is precisely what he is doing with OVME, and the future of aesthetic medicine is looking pretty exciting because of it.

Sahm Adrangi Uses Financial Knowledge To Help Others Grow

Sahm Adrangi is the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. the company, which was started in 2009 with under 1 million, now has a net worth of $150 million.

Adrangi is known primarily for his research, stock expertise, and all things financial. The purpose of Kerrisdale Capital is to correct the vast number of widely-held myths about stock market. The research compiled by Kerrisdale is shared on all social media sites.

Sahm Adrangi made his bones on exposing illegalities with Chinese advertisers like China Biotics and China Marine Food Group. After exposure, many of his targets came under investigation by the Security and Exchange Commission.

Kerrisdale offers a great deal of research on a number of countries. Andragi has also focused on a number of biosciences companies such as Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen and Pulse Biosciences.

In addition to researching different companies, Kerrisdale has taken on the role in investments. In 2014, Adrangi led a protest to oust directors of the Morgan Hotel Group. He also helped secure capital for a number of other distressed banks.

Additionally, Sahm Adrangi began a career in the credit and finance. He worked with loan financing through Deutsche Bank and with bankruptcies and restructuring through Chanin Capital Partners. He also spent several years working with multi-billion dollar distressed debt.

In addition to all of his other endeavors, Sahm Adrangi has worked as a public speaker at many conferences. His works have also been featured in a number of publications like the Wall Street Journal. Kerrisdale now manages over $300 million in revenue. He is always looking for ways to stay atop of the heap.

Because of his experience, Sam Adrangi offers his experience and training to others seeking to find out more about finances. His background allows him to offer services to anyone who wants to know more.

Fortress Investment Group Successfully Creating a Brand in Wealth Management Industry

Creating a brand for a particular company seems to be a hard asking for many organizations out there in the industry. Companies fail to create a good and recognizable brand that remains in the minds of consumers by using poor strategies. However, Fortress Investment Group has proved to be one of the most innovative organizations when it comes to building a recognizable brand that is a household name for many families in the United States. Many people in the US an abroad are aware of Fortress Group which is an aspect many organizations fail to achieve.

By offering quality services than what other companies have been doing, Fortress Investment Group was building a brand. This brand was figured out such that it portrays Fortress Group as an organization that is concerned about its customers. The company started offering quality services to the customers by using innovative methods which ensured that a customer was served within a short period. Not only did the company focus on serving its customers within a short period, but it also ensured the services that customers get provided solutions to the problems they were facing.

Secondly, the organization decided to target a market niche that other organizations in the same industry had not targeted. Firms in the sector just managed other people’s assets without investing in alternative assets. Fortress Investment Group started buying assets in the transportation industry which increased the value of the company after selling such assets. Additionally, the company began buying assets that were being disposed of by other entities positioned Fortress Group as an opportunistic company that works in all seasons by maximizing on the period of recession to grow its wealth.

The other strategy that had led to the growth of Fortress Investment Group and its brand is deciding to sell its shares in the New York Securities Exchange. This move portrayed the company as one of the most reliable and trusted companies operating in the wealth management industry. Due to the brand that Fortress Investment Group has, the number of customers seeking investment services and advice from the company has been growing making it the largest company in terms of customer base.

Shafik Sachedina is A Businessman Who is Well Known And Highly Regarded for His Commitment to Both Healthcare and His Community:

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a major force in the world of health care in Great Britain. He is also a devoted member of the Ismaili community and has held a number of prestigious position therewithin. Shafik originally hails from the African country of Tanzania where he was born in 1950. He eventually emigrated to the United Kingdom and attained his qualification as a dental surgeon. This was the start of his long and illustrious career in the world of healthcare.

Today, Shafik Sachedina is most well know on the healthcare side of his life for his co-founding of the highly successful patient care company Sussex Healthcare. Shafik founded Sussex Healthcare along with fellow Ismaili community member Shiraz Boghani more than twenty-five years ago and the pair of entrepreneurs today serves as the firm’s co-chairmen. Shafik’s healthcare expertise gained from years as a practicing dental surgeon and then years of experience working in other healthcare related industries made for a perfect pairing with Shiraz Boghani who comes at the healthcare business from a different angle. Shiraz comes from the world of hotels, but that experience has also proved invaluable in the building of an amazing patient care company life Sussex Healthcare. The fact is that Sussex is all about providing hospitality for the many patients that the company cares for in its twenty-some care home facilities. Shafik Sachedina’s expertise in the realm of healthcare and Shiraz Boghani’s mastery in the realm of providing hospitality have ended up being a match that has added up to huge success in the healthcare industry.

In regard to Shafik Sachedia and his devotion to his Ismaili community members, he takes this obligation as seriously as he takes his role in providing the best patient care available to the many patients who are taken care of in the Sussex Healthcare system. He currently holds the prestigious honor of serving in one of the communities most important roles. This is as the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. This department is a part of the Secretariat of His Highness the Aga Khan, the leader of the Ismaili community. Shafik Sachedina is also a distinguished member of the Ismaili Leaders International Forum and has held a number of other positions in the community. A key point to stress is that Shafik Sachedina fills all of these Ismaili community positions in a voluntary capacity. Voluntary service is a huge part of the life of members of the Ismaili community and Shafik Sachedian proudly follows in this tradition.