New Residential Investment Corp To Invest In The US Residential Mortgage Industry

New Residential Investment Corp. is a well-known investment company which mainly focuses on actively managing, investing in residential real estates. The firm aims at driving strong returns which are risk-adjusted by investing in non-agency residential mortgage-backed securities, excess mortgage servicing rights and Servicer Advances. The company is performing excellently under a highly skilled and experienced management team. It targets assets which can generate long term cash and employs conservative capital structures in order to make returns at different environments of interest rates.

The real estate investment fund also invests in residential mortgage loans, real estate securities as well as corporate and consumer loans. Moreover, the company is also interested in the portfolio of consumer loans such as homeowner and unsecured loans. New Residential Investment Corp was founded in the year 2011 by Michael Nierenberg, a highly professional and skilled person with excellent leadership skills. It has its headquarters in New York City. Michael Nierenberg serves as the current Chief Executive Officer and chairman of the company. He is also the President of the corporate and works hard that it delivers quality services to increase its productivity and maximize profits. Nierenberg is responsible for all aspects of growth and development of the company.

New Residential Investment Corp was initially a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp, but later it started operating as an independent publicly traded entity in 2013. The corporate is managed and advised externally by affiliates of the Fortress Investment Group LLC. The company plans to take the opportunity of investing in the residential mortgage industry which was undergoing some changes to transform the way mortgages will be originated, serviced and owned.

New Residential believes it can take and work in the opportunity as it is fully equipped with the necessary resources. The fund has capital, key business relationships with other companies and it is experienced in investing in the mortgage industry. With all this aspect being put into consideration, the company can take the opportunity and deliver desirable results. The opportunity was created by the United States residential housing market, and this was after the United States financial crisis.

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