James Dondero Is the President of Highland Capital Management, and He Engages in Corporate Philanthropy

Successful entrepreneurs such as James Dondero have been utilizing their skills to make a positive impact within the society. James Dondero engages in corporate philanthropy through his company- Highland Capital Management. He is the co-founder of the company, and he serves as the president thus enabling him to monitor the day to day operations within the Highland Capital Management. James Dondero utilizes his entrepreneurial skills to improve the Dallas Community. He has been working hand in hand with organizations such as Education Is Freedom, The Dallas Zoo, and the Family Place. Highland Capital Management has a branch that is responsible for dealing with philanthropy thus enabling James Dondero to engage in corporate philanthropy.

His business targets organizations within the society whose impact is influential and unique. Furthermore, each organization has a different course of action since they aim at positively impacting the community in different ways. One of his charitable acts, is such as when he issued $1 million that was used during the reconstruction of the Dallas Zoo. Initially, the Dallas Zoo was operational, and people would gaze at the hippos at their own convenience. However, when one of the hippos died, the Dallas Zoo was shut down, and it stayed that way for almost two decades. Some of the people residing in Dallas were not happy with the closing down of the Dallas Zoo, and most of them wrote letters that were in the form of complaints to the management at the facility.

People were usually fascinated by the natural attractions at the zoo, and they wanted it to be operational once more. After nearly two decades, the management of the zoo felt that they had to enact on the complaints that had been brought forth by the people of Dallas. Fortunately, the management team decided to restore the zoo, but their primary concern was the lack of capital. Their budget was estimated at $14 million, and they had to seek the help of well-wishers such as successful entrepreneurs James Dondero. Luckily, James Dondero donated $1 million. Other philanthropists also chipped in, and the capital needed to ensure that the Dallas Zoo was once more operational was at hand. The people in Dallas can now visit the Dallas Zoo to watch the hippos courtesy of James Dondero and other philanthropists.

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