Matt Badiali Prediction: Invest in Oil and Gas in Spring 2019

What does Matt Badiali predict for 2019? He believes that you should invest in energy to most return from your dollar in Spring of 2019.

Why should you listen to Matt Badiali? You should listen to me because he was a geologist and went around the to do research on geology. After being a geologist, he became an investment and used his knowledge of geology to find the right places to make energy investments. He examines energy companies quite closely and determines if they would make good investments or not. Badiali certainly should be listened if you want to make investments in energy.

When people think of making energy investments, they usually think that they should invest in oil. Matt Badiali actually that you might be better off if you try investing in natural gas. In the years 2016 and 2017, natural gas reserves improved by 36 percent. A supply increase usually mean that the prices decrease, but Badiali thinks that the demand is so great that the prices will increase. People want gas so much that they won’t mind that they will pay a little extra to get it.

Badiali still thinks that you should invest in oil. There are still really good opportunities in the oil market. It is thought that oil prices will increase due to the sanctions on Iran. These price increases could be countered by American oil companies increasing their oil production. The oil prices have lowered and have made them more attractive to buy.

The best overall reason to invest in gas, oil and other fossil fuels is that most energy companies are able to operate tax-free. Being tax-free makes it easier to pass on the profits to their shareholders. The tax benefits and growth potential of the energy makes it even more attractive as an area to invest.

Matt Badiali has the expertise and knowledge to make his predictions come true.

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