Alex Hern Discusses The Future Of Tech Industry

The Direction Of Innovation

Alex Hern wants to change the way we think about technology. Hern’s new startup Tsunami VR is going to bring innovation into the tech industry, and he wants to leave an impact on our beliefs surrounding virtual reality. VR is giving software developers a chance to bring new ideas to the table. As the technology advances, we’re going to see immersive VR applications in the market. Our communication media will focus on interactions in a virtual world with a strong sense of nonverbal communication.

Tsunami VR Brings Innovation

Tsunami VR is Alex Hern’s new startup company, and he wants to make this company into a successful development firm. He has the experience and talent to create innovation. His ambition is going to change the way business professionals communicate. Conventional business conferences require everyone to talk in the same room. Conference rooms aren’t necessary with virtual reality applications. You can talk to someone thousands of miles away from you, and the conversation can have the same meaning it has in person. Business communication software is going to serve as a catalyst for industry growth from this point.

His Plans Going Forward

The tech industry is giving us innovations every day, but some startups are going to rise to the top. Alex Hern believes his new company has the power to cause a paradigm shift. Virtual reality is going to grow in popularity over time. Tsunami VR is going to play an important role in that rising popularity.

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