The RealReal is Nothing but Genuine

The RealReal is the place to get your used luxury goods, and they’re known for their great selection of high-end products such as Prada, Chanel and Christian Dior. When you shop with the RealReal, you can shop with confidence because all of their products have undergone a very rigorous authentication process.

If you check out their Instagram account, you will see countless products as well as happy customers flaunting their great finds. The best part is that they never had to pay full price for those Prada stilettos or that Louboutin clutch. No one will ever be the wiser if that is where you shop either. Many of the items on the RealReal are as much as 90 percent off the retail price.

The RealReal is a one-of-a-kind company that specializes in consigned luxury items. They make it convenient to sell as well as to buy the high-end products that you’re after. The popular company has made $173 million since it first founded and continues to make sales. Most of the items that the RealReal acquires will sell within 30 days.

Julie Wainwright founded the company in 2011 and it has been going strong ever since. All of the items that are in-store are available to shop online, so it is a very convenient way for customers to shop. It is also good for sales since the customer is aware that if they take too long to decide on an item, it could get snapped up at any moment. It also gives the shopper a bit if that adrenaline rush of trying to be the first one to snag the best deal or that one-of-a-kind gem. The RealReal makes it possible to shop for items that you may find in a boutique in France, but that is at your fingertips.

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