Betsy DeVos- The Tale Of Her Multiple Sides

There are many sides to the great Betsy DeVos. She lives in Grand Rapids with her husband Dick DeVos. They are both heirs to their family’s fortunes and spend most of it on their passions which include educational reform and politics. The people who know her are having trouble with reconciling the Betsy they used to know compared to the one that now works for the president as the Secretary of Education.


Her Former Self


The Betsy that most people used to know was pragmatic and very generous. The current Betsy is one that many people would describe as insulated and unprepared, especially during interviews as the Secretary of Education. These descriptions of her have been coming up recently after interviews completed by people that did not know who she was beforehand. Anyone that knows of her former self knows she is very pragmatic and a political fighter.


Born Into Wealthy Family


Most people are not always lucky to be born into a wealthy family. However, Betsy was fortunate enough to be born into a conservative and wealthy family back in 1958. She was raised in Michigan and her family attended a Christian Reformed Church every Sunday. After graduating high school, Betsy began attending school at Calvin College in the nearby town of Grand Rapids. Soon after, she married Dick DeVos and began a family. Dick was also born into a wealthy family and worked his way up through his family’s company. After working hard for many years, he earned the title of CEO of Amway.


Polite In Public


Anyone who knows anything about Betsy is well aware of the fact that she can be very polite in public unless she is arguing her opinions about politics. For many years now, she has been a leader in advocating charter schools and the use of school voucher programs. In her hometown, she has a solid reputation of being relentless when it comes to fighting for her political views. She has no issues with using her family’s fortune to punish her foes and reward her allies. She will work hard behind closed doors to unseat lawmakers and pass legislation that she believes in.


Many opponents of hers like to point out that both she and her husband had the privilege of private educations. They state the fact that she has a lack of connection to public school systems and the fact that most average families have trouble paying for their children’s educations.


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