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Sussex Health Care is an organization that deals with the provision of care to the elderly and people suffering from disabilities. The group has been in existence for more than 25 years. During this period, it has provided services to many people in the United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care aims to expand their facilities to incorporate more people in their care centers.

In 2017, the group announced the appointment of Amanda Morgan as their new CEO. She was expected to link up with the Sussex Health Care team in January 2018. She had however met with most Sussex Health Care staff before the announcement of her appointment. During her orientation visit around the facilities, Amanda took her time to learn about the services that Sussex Health Care offered to their large client base. Amanda is projected to bring positive changes in the running of the organization. During her short spell at the helm of the group, she has helped in appointing the group’s new Director of Quality. She is expected to spearhead further appointments with the aim of making Sussex Health Care a market leader in the provision of care services.

Amanda Morgan is considered as an invaluable gem to Sussex Health Care. This is because she brings to the institution massive experience in health and management. She has worked for over thirty years in government institutions. She began her career as a nurse but later shifted to management where she has made a name due to her effective leadership skills.

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Currently, Sussex Health Care is announcing several job vacancies. The new jobs are expected to greatly improve their service delivery. Some of the jobs on offer include the following:

1. Health Care Assistant.

Stressful candidates will be tasked with proving personal care to the elderly and those who have disabilities. The will be required to provide high-quality service to the clients while adhering to their needs and demands. Sussex Health Care will closely monitor this to ensure that their morals are upheld at all times in service delivery. The group insists that experience in such an area will not matter a lot in their selection. They will instead look at the personal qualities that are compliant with their work.

2. Senior Recovery Worker.

This role is for those who have a bit of experience in helping mentally impaired people to recover. This job is available on Sussex Oakleaf. The successful candidate will be expected to spearhead the recovery process and supervise those who will be directly dealing with the patients. The Community Services Manager in management will aid the senior recovery worker.


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