Madison Street Capital 2017 Winner of Coveted M&A Advisors Award

Madison Street Capital is the 16th M&A Advisors Award winner. They were announced the winners during the M&A gala at New York’s Metropolitan Club. The award for debt financing deal of the year was due to their advice on the WLR Automotive transaction.



They beat over six hundred and fifty other firms that had hoped to get the award. In addition, they made it to the final for two other awards, boutique investment of the year and finance deal of the year.



In his acceptance speech at the award gala, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, congratulated WLR and Barry Peter, the company’s senior MD for his role in leading the transaction.



On his part, the M&A Advisor president and co- CEO affirmed that the award is in recognition of leading companies in mergers and acquisition transactions. It is the highest honor given to any M&A firm.



Madison Street Capital is a global Investment banking firm with thirteen years’ experience in mergers and acquisitions, advisory services in finance, services in business valuation, corporate tax planning services, venture capital and private equity.



It is a privately owned company based in Chicago, Illinois. It also operates in North America, Africa, and Asia. Recently, it has transacted with Chicago Yacht Works on a $1.4million deal.



They also represented HeartSync.Inc when the company wanted to secure financing for its growth plan from Decathlon Capital Partners. They also negotiated for growth equity from Druid Capital Partners on behalf of Sterling Packaging.



The company has employed about two hundred staff. The employees uphold high standards of professionalism and integrity. They have diverse qualifications, and they focus more on middle-level firms in different sectors of the economy.



They serve firms and institutions in the USA and all over the world. Some of the senior staff members of Madison Street Capital include Joseph Alioto, the MD and International Advisory Group leader and senior MD Karl D’Cunha.



The award gala was for the first time held together with the 2017 summit for M&A Advisors. More than five hundred firms were represented at the summit. The over thirty-five summit leaders included media personalities, industry players, academicians and M&A experts.



M&A Advisors has been in existence for twenty years. It has its offices in New York and London. It gives intelligence and insightful advice on mergers and acquisitions. It is respected as a professional body for service providers in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and organizational restructuring.


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