Agera Energy Supplies Retail Energy Solutions

Agera Energy residential customers are able to make their energy plans and needs easy. Many of their customers are lucky ones whom live in a state where they get more choice over what type of energy they use for their homes. What Agera Energy customers appreciate the most is that they are able to have more choice over the types of energy that they use for their homes. Prospective customers can simply enter their zip code to determine their eligibility.


Shop Online To Tailor Your Energy Plan To Your Needs

The best part about working with Agera Energy is that you get to shop online to tailor your energy plan for your needs. If you are uncertain about the energy plan that you should select, Agera Energy has a customer service team which is readily available to you to answer any questions which you might have

Edwin Miranda Shares Trends That Companies Should Follow To Remain Relevant For The Next Year

The advancements of email marketing and virtual reality were pretty present in 2018. Consumers are expecting to see additional things in their messaging now that it’s easier than ever to advertisement to target markets across any platform. Big brands have no choice, but to adapt to the new way of doing things.

Edwin Miranda says the technological wave that everyone is on these days is not a fad. These new methods are what is needed for survival and growth. According to Edwin Miranda, companies should adapt to the following trends in order to avoid extinction and stay relevant:

1.Recognize the importance of reaching consumers quickly

Companies can miss out on opportunities if they can’t prove value to a consumer in seconds. There are tons of options to choose from, and consumers don’t have time. They just want to see the item they want and make a purchase.

2.Start Using Programmatic Advertising

The majority of global advertising on digital display is expected to be acquired by programmatic advertising in 2019. Edwin Miranda says companies who don’t start using programmatic could potentially have less effective advertisements than their competitors.

3.Get On Board With Influencer Marketing To Boost Authenticity

The relationship between brands and consumers is pretty low these days. Consumers are now looking for real information, and they prefer to receive it from a user or influencer. User reviews are considered three times more authentic than brands. This new trend has brands looking to influencer marketing to get more consumers to trust their products.

4.Utilize AI for consumer preference analysis and offer better customer service

AI is being used more and more for chatbots. Edwin Miranda says chatbots are becoming more and more common as a first contact on sites for customer service. Analysts are estimating that about 80% of companies are planning to start using chatbots to improve communication with customers over the next five years. Customers seemingly prefer to deal with the chatbots.

Equities First Holdings, according to wikipedia

Wikipedia is the new goto for information about any and everything you could imagine. So what do you think we discovered when looking for Equities First Holdings? At first, it was hard to locate because of the three words, Equities First Holding. But then we were able to identify a page regarding the information about Equities First Holdings on Wikipedia.

What we found was very interesting. We discovered that this company is privately owned and that it has been on the lending scene for about 17 years, originating in 2002. We also found that this company allows business entities to borrow money from there own shares! This is an innovative way to lend money and has proven to be a very successful technique.

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Jason Hope’s Advice to Younger Self

Every young business person needs a role model to look up to on their journey. It is the inspiring story of their humble beginning, struggle, persistence, hard work that makes the whole journey easy. Jason Hope has taken this role to help young people especially students. This has been through constant motivation and living by example.

Jason Hope is a business person, philanthropist, and supporter of IoT who resides in Arizona. He studied finance and business at the university. Hope never hesitated to showcase his love for technology after school by starting his communication company.

Jason Hope has been supporting upcoming business people with capital to start their business. He is also a consultant, and can, therefore, be very helpful in business issues. His other focus is his love IoT. Hope is passionate about the change and the problems the internet has solved. He says that improving technology will help individuals as well as businesses. He has written a whole eBook to explain the impact of IoT, both negative and positive.

Jason Hope says that exercising can improve the physical life of a body. Through his constant exercising, he has proved his statement right. Hope says that exercising is the first thing he does when he wakes up. He adds that he has formed a habit of checking his emails and social media handles after turning on his computer. Since most of his work is based on his computer, he takes periodic breaks to compose himself.

Many people have beautiful ideas that could change how the world operates. However, most entrepreneurs do not know how to bring ideas to life. Hope says that he likes to keep things basic. He says that over-complicating issues encourages failure. He focuses on one small step at a time until the end of the process. Hope also shares his experiences with close people for additional ideas.

On that note, his advice to his younger self is to relax. Hope says that when he was of tender age he obsessed over small details, and it made all the projects hard. Things got better when he learned to focus on the big picture; the end goal. He now knows better than focusing on meaningless details.

Ashley Brasier Using Her Skills and Knowledge to Help Grow Potential Startups

Ashley Brasier currently serves at the helm of Lightspeed Venture Partners as Partner. Ashley Lightspeed Venture undertakings include working closely with potential startups to crack their growth strategy. Ashley joined the firm in November of 2018.

Ashley before joining Lightspeed Venture Partners worked as a consultant at Growth Advisor and Consultant. The company similarly had interests in early-stage businesses. Ashley joined the San Francisco Bay Area firm in June of 2016 and left in 2018 after having served for close to two and half years. Ashley has also served as at the helm of Thumbtack Company as a Category Manager. Also based in San Francisco Bay Area, she joined the company in 2016 and served for a period of almost one and half years. At Thumbtack Ashley was to oversee growth in the events and wedding categories and was also in charge of customer experience. Ashley began her career journey at Bain & Company as an Associate Consultant Intern in 2011 and was later elevated to the position of Senior Associate Consultant in 2012. Ashley would then spend three years of her career life working as a consultant for the Washington D.C based company. View Ashley Lightspeed’s profile at Bloomberg.

Ashley Brasier has a rich academic background. She attended the world’s top-rated universities for her master’s degree and undergraduate studies. Ashley is an alumnus of Stanford University School of Business where she acquired an MBA. Ashley is also a BA graduate from the Duke University. Ashley besides is an Urban Planning graduate from Harvard University School of Design.

Ashley as a toddler wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an architect. Ashley desired a career whereby she will drafting things and sketching ideas just like what her father used to do while designing buildings. To Ashley Lightspeed is that dream career that she has always desired while growing up since her work involves drafting and sketching of ideas for early-stage companies.

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MB2 Dental Solutions Opens Another Office In Seagoville, Texas

MB2 Dental Solutions is a privately held dental management firm located in Carrollton, Texas. The company recently announced the opening of an affiliate who’s offices are located in Seagoville, Texas. The affiliate, Picasso Dental + Orthodontics, is an expansion of Picasso’s current business and aims to provide unparalleled dental and orthodontic services.

The owner of the affiliate, Dr. Rishank Korupolu, has said that helping meet people’s dental needs is a passion of his. He noted that he has practiced in several parts of the United States and is looking forward to what awaits him in his new community. He added that the community of Seagoville needed a dental practice in the area he felt his practice would meet the community’s growing needs.

Dr. Rishank Korupolu is a graduate of the University of Southern California who completed his study at their dental school. He specialized in treating children including by volunteering for mobile dental clinics that traveled to disadvantaged communities. Outside of being a dentist he also enjoys hiking, sports, traveling, and spending time with his friends and family.

MB2 Dental Solutions has partnered with affiliates like Picasso in six states. The company prides itself on offering business services to their affiliates while also not interfering with the patient/provider relationship by providing 100% clinical autonomy for their affiliates. MB2 Dental Solutions helps dental providers by running many facets of the business in order to allow dentists to focus on the most important part of their practice which is their patients.

Among the business services that MB2 Dental Solutions offer to their affiliates are the outsourcing of human resources, compliance, IT support, accounting, billing, collections, marketing, and other business services. They recognize that many of these areas are parts of running a sole practice that many dentists dislike and find time-consuming, overly complicated, and not a very good use of their time.

MB2 Dental Solutions has affiliates in six states so far including Texas, Tennessee, Alaska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. They work closely with dentists in order to identify their needs and how MB2 Dental Solutions can help them operate more efficiently and effectively. By behaving ethically, respectively, and honestly with their affiliates, MB2 Dental Solutions helps dentists better need the needs of their patients as well as help more patients because their time is not tied up in administrative work and procedures.

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Alex Hern Looks Forward To New Technology

The Direction Of The Industry

Alex Hern has decades of experience in the tech industry as an entrepreneur. He understands how to recognize innovation and develop startups around that new idea. He is currently focusing on the development of virtual reality technology. His startup company Tsunami VR delivers business solutions for companies in need of communication technology. Alex Hern is trying to build a company with this innovation, and he understands how to start a new trend. He believes this is going to deliver an immersive way for business professionals to communicate.

The Rise Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a growing technology as consumers continue to buy VR products. Software developers are looking into the potential VR might bring, and Alex Hern has new ideas about what this immersive medium can provide. Most tech startups look at virtual reality as a form of entertainment, but he believes there is something useful about VR. He wants to use the medium to create a way to communicate with the people around us. The tech industry seems to like the ideas behind his new project. He’s trying to explore a new direction for virtual reality applications.

Alex Hern Has Plans For His Company

Alex Hern’s company seems to have a good start, and the future looks good for the company. Investors like the potential Tsunami VR is showing, and other entrepreneurs are paying attention to the company. Virtual reality technology is going to change the way people communicate with each other. The ability to immerse yourself inside a virtual environment and talk to someone is a paradigm shift. Alex Hern wants to show people the potential for new technology. He wants to make Tsunami VR an example of how someone can tap into that potential for themselves.

Alistair Borthwick Was a Man of Many Talents

Alastair Borthwick was a proud Scotsman and he wrote about his homeland. He wrote his first bestseller in 1939, Always a Little Further, and it recounts his time walking his beloved Scottish highlands. After spending time reporting on the Second World War, he wrote his second book, Sans Peur, in 1946. They were very different books, but that speaks to his ability to write about a range of topics. He obtained that talent during his long career in journalism along with his time during the Second World War. Both texts found a second audience when they were rereleased in the 1980s and 1990s


Alistair Borthwick moved to Glasgow when he was 11, and he soon began his career in journalism. He wrote on a wide variety of topics for the Glasgow Weekly Herald which contributed to his ability to master many writing styles. He covered everything from front page stories to the crossword section. During one of his writing assignments he began his love of the outdoors. He wrote about his experiences rock climbing.


His career in journalism continued and he moved to Flest Street in 1935. At the outbreak of the war, he served his country and he led his battalion of men through Holland into German-occupied territory. Borthwick’s ability to write meant that he soon started documenting the last stages of the war. After the war Borthwick did not want to return to London, so he and his wife set up home back in Scotland. He continued his work in journalism and he won an OBE for his reporting on the festival of Britain.


He continued to write about the Second World War and events in Scotland. Alastair Borthwick died in 2003, and his wife died later that same year. They are survived by their son Patrick.

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Matt Badiali Prediction: Invest in Oil and Gas in Spring 2019

What does Matt Badiali predict for 2019? He believes that you should invest in energy to most return from your dollar in Spring of 2019.

Why should you listen to Matt Badiali? You should listen to me because he was a geologist and went around the to do research on geology. After being a geologist, he became an investment and used his knowledge of geology to find the right places to make energy investments. He examines energy companies quite closely and determines if they would make good investments or not. Badiali certainly should be listened if you want to make investments in energy.

When people think of making energy investments, they usually think that they should invest in oil. Matt Badiali actually that you might be better off if you try investing in natural gas. In the years 2016 and 2017, natural gas reserves improved by 36 percent. A supply increase usually mean that the prices decrease, but Badiali thinks that the demand is so great that the prices will increase. People want gas so much that they won’t mind that they will pay a little extra to get it.

Badiali still thinks that you should invest in oil. There are still really good opportunities in the oil market. It is thought that oil prices will increase due to the sanctions on Iran. These price increases could be countered by American oil companies increasing their oil production. The oil prices have lowered and have made them more attractive to buy.

The best overall reason to invest in gas, oil and other fossil fuels is that most energy companies are able to operate tax-free. Being tax-free makes it easier to pass on the profits to their shareholders. The tax benefits and growth potential of the energy makes it even more attractive as an area to invest.

Matt Badiali has the expertise and knowledge to make his predictions come true.

The Unique Acquisition Deal Between Fortress Investment Group And Softbank

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group is one of the top investment firms in the USA and the world. It is in charge of managing assets for more than 1,750 institutional investors as well as individual investors from various parts of the world.

Fortress Investment Group has expertise in a wide array of investment strategies including private equity, real estate, permanent capital, and credit. The company strives to create a strong return for all the investor clients. It has hired 919 asset managers and 209 investment professionals. Fortress Investment Group is headquartered in New York and it has established regional offices in various regions around the globe.

The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group investment by SoftBank Group Corp was completed in December 2017. Fortress Investment was bought at 3.3 billion. SoftBank is one of the world’s largest financiers of revolutionary technology. Apart from its interest in cutting edge technology such as robotics, SoftBank also has interests in telecommunication. Their engagements make the acquisition of Fortress by the company a natural fit.

FIG is expecting to reap great benefits from its association with SoftBank. SoftBank is expected to emerge among the world’s largest investors because it will soon be launching a technology fund worth $100 billion. As part of the acquisition agreement, SoftBank agreed that it would stay off the management of the considerable assets owned by Fortress Investment Group. It is a mutually benefiting agreement since Fortress thrives when it is given the autonomy of deciding it path and determining the avenues it wants to pursue. The arrangement is expected to bring in great returns.

The other unique aspects of the deal were that FIG retains its independence in operations and not shift its headquarters. The acquisition was unlike other large acquisitions that result in the buyer setting all the terms, and mostly they launch extensive renovations that completely change the operations and the management of the company being bought. However, in this case, FIG was not hugely affected by the new ownership. This is because SoftBank recognizes the value of obtaining an already successful company and allowing it to continue engaging in activities that have made it succeed.

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